Wednesday, June 26, 2013

DC, Philly, NYC, and Olive Juice

Well we all know that I function by lists, and this is the best way I could recount everything.

So I went to Maryland to visit an amazing guy who shall henceforward be known as He, Him, His, or whatever other male pronouns or terms of affection seem fitting. (*Editor's note: I had to remove all pictures of him as well. Sorry to disappoint.) This list will give a brief overview of (almost) everything we did together because let's be honest, you probably don't want to know everything

Thursday 6/13
·         I got picked up at Philadelphia airport with an awkward side hug
·         Drove home arm in arm
·         Stopped at TGI Friday’s where I had chicken fingers and he had chicken and shrimp with Jack Daniel’s sauce
·         Took a nap
·         Went grocery shopping

Friday 6/14
·         Woke up late
·         Went to see Man of Steel
·         We visited the indoor farmers’ market
·         He made dinner of chicken breast, steamed broccoli, and rice
·         We went to Bruster’s ice cream

Saturday 6/15
·         He went to work
·         I slept in
·         I did laundry, made his bed, did dishes, and cleaned his stove
·         I had an OK workout of running 1 mile and three rounds of an at-home workout I like to use
·         He came home, packed, and we left for Washington DC with snacks in tow
·         We got to the hotel
·         I researched places to eat
·         He ironed
·         We went walking around the city thinking we’d easily find restaurants. We didn’t.
·         We finally ended up at a sushi place
·         We walked home but stopped at CVS for dessert and sunblock
·         We changed clothes
·         We left the hotel around 10:30 PM to see the monuments at night
·         We saw the Capitol, the Washington Monument, the WWII Memorial, the Abraham Lincoln memorial, and some others

Sunday 6/16
·         We woke up
·         We had breakfast at the hotel restaurant
·         We drove to the Holocaust Memorial Museum to see where it was
·         We drove to church
·         We drove back from church to get tickets for the Museum later
·         We drove back to church and sat through sacrament. The talks were about personal worthiness. They were awesome.
·         We returned to DC and had a hard time finding parking. He got mad and stressed. I shut down because I felt like it was my fault.
·         We missed our window for the Museum, but they let us in anyway.
·         We took our time through the museum.
·         We wandered around DC trying to decide if there was anything else we wanted to see.
·         We ate from a hot dog stand. He also got a pretzel.
·         We made mac and cheese and watched Before Sunrise

Monday 6/17
·         We woke up late, starting the day slowly
·         We at lunch at Friendly’s. He built a burger. I got a club sandwich. 
·         We got to Philadelphia around 3 or 3:30
·         We saw cool things like the Liberty Bell, Independence Hall, various libraries, an old bank, The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, this really cute alley, and more
·         We left around 7 PM
·         We stopped and got Indian food

Tuesday 6/18
·         We woke up really, really early but left a little late
·         We left late because his right eyelid started to freak out and get swollen
·         We drove to Wilmington and parked
·         We got on a really tardy Chinese bus to New York City
·         We got to NYC around 10:30 AM.
·         We got Dunkin’ Donuts
·         We saw cool things like the New York Public Library, Bryant Park, Rockfeller Plaza where we had an interesting encounter with an older gentleman, several cathedrals, Central Park where we watched a very entertaining group perform and ate hot dogs from a stand again, saw Strawberry Fields (John Lennon memorial), went to the Late Show with David Letterman, got a shake at Steak ‘N Shake, saw Grand Central Station, the Empire State building and Times Square. We also ate pizza at a casual little place. And got dessert at another place.
·         We got on the bus around 10 PM and got back to Wilmington at 12:30 AM

Wednesday 6/19
·         We discovered that my flights were canceled and had to buy another flight
·         We went to Wal-Mart for groceries and beach towels
·         I made him a sandwich, and he had to go to work
·         I did laundry and wrote 4 articles
·         I went on a walk and bought junk food
·         I went on a 4 mile run
·         I made a German chocolate cake
·         I watched Arrested Development
·         I wrote him a letter for when he got home from work
·         I went to bed

Thursday 6/20
·         I woke up late
·         I wrote an article while he slept
·         We wasted time watching videos and such
·         I had a brief workout (Jillian Michaels, after running a mile)
·         He made us German pancakes for breakfast with buttermilk syrup
·         We went to the pool for a while
·         We took pictures on my laptop on PhotoBooth
·         He wrote an important letter
·         We ate a quick salad while he stressed about a dental bill
·         We saw Star Trek Into Darkness in Wilmington
·         We had a hard time choosing a restaurant and navigating, and we had some miscommunications and came home without eating dinner
·         We came home in silence
·         I made him an egg salad sandwich for work the next day
·         We talked everything out and were OK again
·         We ate cake for dinner

Friday 6/21
·         He had to work early that morning
·         His training was canceled so he came home early
·         We saw a matinee of World War Z
·         We ate at Red Robin after
·         We wasted time together and watched Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter
·         We went to Friendly’s for dessert
·         We came home, and I packed
·         We went to sleep

Saturday 6/22
·         We got up really early and drove to the Baltimore airport
·         I landed in Phoenix and ate breakfast there
·         I landed at 12:40 PM.
·         Kristen picked me up.
·         I did various things around the apartment and wrote 5 articles.
·         I went grocery shopping
·         I went solo to see 42 at the dollar theater
·         The moon was awesome

So that was my vacation. Here's a list of what I've been doing the past few days, besides missing him.

Sunday 6/23
·         I wrote an email to him
·         I got ready for church and went to church
·         I went to the mingle after church
·         I came home and wasted lots of time doing I don’t know what

Monday 6/24
·         Common Core training
·         Gym
·         Write 2 articles
·         Eat and shower
·         Go to FHE with Kristen
·         Visit teach Terra and Brandy

Tuesday 6/25
·         Common Core training
·         Gym
·         Write 1 article
·         Shower
·         Visit teach Kelsey
·         Come home and search for good recipes for dinner
·         Realize Dr. Pepper leaked all over the fridge and take out all the shelves to clean them off
·         Ate chicken
·         Wrote another article
·         I ate brown rice and spinach
·         I read through and compiled texts for my class tomorrow

Wednesday 6/26
·         Common Core Training
·         Gym
·         Wrote 2 articles
·         Writing this blog
·         Going to eat dinner and shower
·         Going to catch up on So You Think You Can Dance, hopefully

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

A Flight East

I’ve had some minor hiccups today. Like the top popping off of my shake in the car and dripping ice cream everywhere.

Or like my steel water bottle rolling off the counter onto the kitchen floor.

Or like the same water bottle falling off my desk and spilling water everywhere.

Or like the small spot that’s still on my red shorts even though I washed them yesterday!

Or like the fact that the wind blew leaf bits and bug corpses and dirt on me at the pool today.

Or how my phone refuses to deliver texts or pictures in a timely fashion.

But ya know… It’s a good day anyway…

Because 11 hours from now, I will be departing Salt Lake Airport heading to Philadelphia to see a special guy…

And he won us tickets to see David Letterman!

I managed to get 6 days’ worth of stuff packed into a carry-on bag and a backpack. As a female, I demand some kind of trophy.

I even got all my liquids into a 1 quart bag. Take that, TSA!

I got a phone call from my eye doctor saying I’m being refunded my $30 copay because I didn’t have to pay one. And I’m expecting a $50 refund from overpaying one of my emergency bills. Score!

I got the new Oz movie for only $10 at RC Willey.

I got full-sized bottles of lotion and body spray in my favorite fragrance (exotic coconut) from Bath and Body Works for only $3 each today! I realized after walking out I should have bought the shower gel too. It would’ve been $9 for all three of them when one bottle of lotion is usually $11.

I decided to try to find a small, travel-sized hair dryer at Target to save space in my suitcase. I found one. It was $18.50. But I also found a Target gift card in my wallet today. So my hair dryer was $8.50. That’s what’s up!

My sister told me earlier that she’s having another baby! She and her husband make cute babies. And s/he is due in February. I demanded that the baby be born on my birthday. EEK! So excited!

I got to work out today at step class at the gym. It was awesome.

I got to make my tan darker, even though I was covered in leaves and dirt and bug carcasses.

And in the next 6 days I get to go to Washington DC and NYC and maybe even Philadelphia! Yay! 

Loving life! Love the summer!