Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Life of a Teacher

You know, I'm guilty of confiding in one or two teachers in my life. They're good for that. I'm just trying to decide how I'm going to deal with it being on the teacher side of things.

I have a student. She is Hispanic and extremely quiet. She never says a word to me. If I ask how she's doing (she comes in my class early every day), she won't respond, or I might get a quiet grunt of some sort. She is a tomboy and almost looks like a gang banger with the way she dresses. She wears her long dark hair in a ponytail every day.

For Christmas she got me a Tootsie Roll bank. For Valentine's/my birthday she got a me a giant Hershey kiss.

She friend requested me a long time ago on MySpace. I denied it. 

I got an email a couple months ago that she had been absent because of a social worker meeting. I got the impression she had some home issues.

Today she came in between classes, this quiet but thoughtful girl who never says a word, to ask me (probably with all the bravery she could muster) if I would come to her birthday party on Saturday.

Does this not break your heart a little bit?

Feeling as though that would be entirely inappropriate, I let her know that I had plans, but told her thanks for the invitation and that I hope she has such a fun time. I asked where it would be. The answer: Pirate Island.

The truth is, I don't have plans, but a student inviting me to her birthday party really caught me off guard. So I talked to some other teachers to see what they'd suggest. One suggested I get her address off Gradebook and send her a birthday card. Another suggested I get her something small and drop it off at Pirate Island in the morning before the party even starts.

The latter sounded like the most viable option. So since she has long hair, I headed to the dollar store and got her a Turbie towel. Since she is a girl, of course you have to get the standard stuff, right? So I got her some Coconut Vanilla shower gel and this really cool loofah net band thing. Of course the English teacher in me can't resist getting her a little journal and some pens. Then a Reese's and a card. I had to buy a birthday bag too. All for under $8 at the dollar store. So I'll take it over on Saturday morning for her. :)

I hope she likes it.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

My Kiddos

This blog is private now, so I'm allowed to do this, right?

First period. Very civilized, like usual. Then the "crazy one."

Third period. A rough bunch, I'm tellin' ya. Then the "crazy" picture.

Fourth. My best behaved. :) And their "crazy" side.

For some reason my flash was pitching a fit in 5th so they're kind of blurry. My smallest and most fun class. And their "crazy" picture.

Sixth period, acting like they're civilized. Wrongo. Although, they are my smartest class. Here is their natural state:

7th period. Sometimes impossible. But probably my funniest class, by far.

Someone else took these ones because I was gone at an interview.

Oh, and my grandma got me a new shirt.

Thanks, Grandma!

Spiritual Gifts?

So... As a blue personality, I'm a "deeply feeling" person. I need "connection," "to be understood," and "to feel appreciated." And my "capacity for emotional depth is remarkable."

I've tried to put my finger on how this last thing is good. Because while I'm capable of loving and caring probably more intensely than anyone I know, I'm also capable of getting hurt much more easily.

I was watching Intervention last night. I always get into this show, and it's a mistake to start watching because I always hope the best for these people and their families so I have to see how it turns out.

As I watch the actual intervention, and as I watch these people cry over their loved ones, I cry right with them. In several ways, I can relate to the way that they feel about their family members. But I also feel their pain on a really intense level. This is the same when I watch any show where people get emotional, American Idol, Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, So You Think You Can Dance... No matter what it is, if someone is experiencing great joy, overwhelmed feelings, or great sadness, I feel it right along with them.

I put myself in their position in some way and can feel the way they feel for a brief amount of time. I get so invested in these people and their feelings. I get that way with those I love, too, which is why it's so hard for me to hear when anyone is having a hard time. I get stressed and upset with and for them.

Anyway, I can only try to imagine the joy and pain I'll experience as a parent, watching my children go through the things that they will. I wonder if it'll be even more intense than experiencing it firsthand.

Not sure why I wanted to blog about this, I just think it's interesting what an emotional and deeply feeling person I am. I wish I knew if this was good or bad. Maybe it's both.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Home Stretch

I'm sure at some point I'll write a much sappier reflection on my first year teaching. Even if it's an internship, I considered myself a real first year teacher. I had the same level of work and responsibility if not more due to my class in the fall.

But I'm on the home stretch. I graded and entered all of my students' narratives this weekend. I was super distracted yesterday but was really focused and fast today. I feel SO accomplished by having them done.

I'm not excited for the late work (including more narratives) that will come in tomorrow. Not excited at all. But it's OK because the next few days will be fun in my class.

I need to find some boxes to start taking my stuff out of my room.

It's crazy. I can't believe there's only five days left. I'm freaking out a little bit and need to come up with a schedule to fill up my days so I don't feel like a bum.

But I'll only need to plan for about a week and a half's worth of days since I'm going to HAWAII!


Saturday, May 22, 2010

Expressing Appreciation

I don't appreciate it when people ignore me or my text messages.

I also don't appreciate an anatomy lesson while receiving a massage.

I don't appreciate men my parents' age trying to contact me. Makes me throw up in my mouth a little bit.

I don't appreciate the number of calories in Oreos.

I don't appreciate how long some of my students' narratives are.


I do appreciate when people make me feel important and respond to my texts.

I appreciate a 60 minute massage for $20.

I appreciate ... Um, I got nothin' positive about that one.

I appreciate the fabulous taste of Oreos and how they help pass the time while I grade papers.

I also appreciate how well written some of my students' stories are. It's really impressive.

Come to think of it though... I think I least appreciate this!

Thanks Brittany, for being an incredibly unthorough employee. Isn't this a common part of your job? Removing these annoying things?

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Substituting and Lagooning

The 8th graders (the only grade I teach) are at Lagoon today for 8th grade day. I wanted to go to Lagoon, but I have a job interview at 4 PM, and they're not done at Lagoon until 5.

So I am stuck at work.

I was all excited that it'd be a day to clean up/pack up my room and get organized to start getting stuff out, but instead I had to cover a 7th grade teacher's classes. And I need to start a new book because I'm freaking bored out of my mind. But I forgot to bring one.

So here I am in Lawrence Wiedmann's room at his horrifically messy and unorganized and dirty desk hoping that I can get through 6 classes of 7th graders.

Don't worry that I watched Dexter season 4 in two sittings, by the way. Ain't no thang.

Finished reading Ender's Shadow in just over a week. Ain't no thang.

It's weird how bored I am both at work and after work lately. But my students are turning in journals AND their personal narratives tomorrow and Friday, so I've got lots of grading to do over the weekend. Oops, I did it again.

So anyways. Smooth sailing.

But wish me luck at my interview today at Rocky Mountain Middle in Heber and at my interview on Monday with Cottonwood Heights High in the Granite School District. The interview on Monday went pretty well. Can't say it went badly, but I don't think it was awesome either.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Dexter Morgan

Oh Dexter...

The things you and your show do to me.

I knew it was a mistake to start season 4 tonight. I've already watched three episodes and ended in a terrible spot. Ugh.

I need to go to sleep to get up in a chipper mood for work tomorrow. Come oooonnnn...

Stop torturing me with your addictive and enticing story line!

And your amazing humor and attractive jaw line, Michael Hall! You stop too!

A New Husband

Oh come on... You know I have to add to the list...

It's not like there's a limit with polyandry.

Thanks Christopher Egan, for being so good looking.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

My Saturdays

Oh, you know, just got up, got ready, and ran out the door this morning for what?

Oh right, a movie.

Muahaha. I love movies.

I saw Robin Hood and was thoroughly entertained. I don't think it's on the same level as Gladiator. That movie's just epic. But I really enjoyed this movie a ton!

Don't worry that Shutter Island is at the dollar theater now, or that I'm totally going to see it.

And Diary of a Wimpy Kid. And Remember Me.

But first, to finish reading Ender's Shadow!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

A Day in the Life...

This is what I do every day... give or take exercise, when I get up the drive to do it.

6:30 AM -- Wake up and shower

6:45 AM -- Pray, do makeup, get dressed, do hair

7:10 AM -- Eat breakfast (usually cheerios or oatmeal and fruit or orange juice). I also read scriptures while eating.

7:20 AM -- Poke around Facebook, check email, etc.

7:30 AM -- Leave for work

7:40 AM -- Arrive at work, retrieve laptop, set up classroom, etc.

8:10 - 2:45 -- Teach the same lesson (with some variety so I don't get bored) six times

2:45 -- Prep classroom for next day, grade late work, etc.

3:15 -- (ideally) Leave work

Then I go home, eat, waste more time on the computer, watch movies, watch my TV shows on Tuesday and Wednesday, and then I sleep.

Obviously the latter part varies everyday depending on if I have a friend to play with or not. But this has been my life since August. Except I was leaving work at like 6 PM between August and December. haha. I manage things much better now.

This life will be over in 17 days (13 days of teaching after today). Then I need to come up with some other productive structure to keep myself happy in the summer. 

I am both excited and sad.

Monday, May 10, 2010

By the Way

I'm a sucker for a guy who can sing. Seriously.

Total sucker.

Just sayin'.

Good Things...

Water. It's my favorite. I drink a lot of it.

Making new friends, experiencing weird "coincidences," and seeing where it goes.

Eating Haagen Dazs Dark Chocolate Mint ice cream. Heaven in a pint, I say. A pint.

Getting breakfast and seeing a matinee of Iron Man 2 with my cousin = A+.

Watching Edge of Darkness, Daybreakers, and Legion all within three days. Whoa.

Two more Mondays left of the school year.

Students writing, writing, writing.

A fish I've kept alive for over 8 months? I'm so awesome.

A concert in the park, dessert, and American Idol with my grandparents? So fun.

My only complaints equal inconsistent and uncomfortable sleep, and a cough that's lasted for 48 hours, as well as a rowdy 7th period.

No need to dwell on such things when good things abound.

You know, like all of my husbands... including but not limited to Robert Downey, Jr., Sam Worthington, Brandon Boyd, Hugh Jackman, Paul Bettany, Robert Schwartzman, Nick Simmons, Criss Angel, and Brad Pitt.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Next Step

I'm afraid of two things currently.

1. Not having a job in the fall.

2. Being a lonely, single teacher forever.

The latter probably sounds melodramatic, but depending on my choices, it's a possibility.

I'm praying to make the right ones.

Please pray for me, too.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Happy Thoughts

Iron Man 2 comes out this week. Oh man. Tony Stark/Sherlock Holmes/Robert D., Jr... You are my husband. You're probably #30 or something. But you ARE my husband.

Those of you who disagree, I'd like to see YOU read the whole Rolling Stone article this month and still love him. I know him better than all of you.

Instead of suffering from exhaustion on Friday (I work both jobs) from a midnight showing, I'm going to a matinee on Saturday morning, hopefully with my cousin.

Glee is probably the best show in the world. Take that home. Chew it.

Robin Hood is coming out soon. Ridley Scott and Russell Crowe, again? I submit that this is a recipe for success, people. Success. May is like movie madness!

Teacher appreciation week this week. Free foods and gifts and five-minute massages and fun things? Yes please!

Block days doing the DRP instead of using my voice reading all day? M-hm.

Sweet deal on a Mother's Day gift? Oh yeah.

Reading the Outsiders with my students? The best! I freaking love this book but am excited to have it done tomorrow. And we'll watch the movie on Thursday.

I have basically no grading to do lately. It is awesome.

It was beautiful and sunny this evening.

Oh yeah. Let's not forget that I have 18 days left of teaching. Muahaha. And then I get paid to do what I want!


I love reading Stephanie Nielson's blog. I read every time she updates.

She inspires me.

What inspired me further was this compilation of many of her blogs combined with the inspiration of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Thanks, Nienie, for hanging in there and helping me to do so. Maybe I'll run into you around Provo sometime.

*Note: the width of the video gets cut off of my blog. Go here to see it not cut off.

Saturday, May 1, 2010


Nothing like getting up whenever the freak I want...


Going to the movies (and enjoying the movie immensely)...

Going out to eat with a friend...

Browsing around Big! Lots (and buying movies there)...

Getting dessert...

And watching a movie I bought at Big! Lots...

Oh, Saturdays. How I love you. And the movie Scoop. And Big! Lots. And sleep.