Tuesday, May 11, 2010

A Day in the Life...

This is what I do every day... give or take exercise, when I get up the drive to do it.

6:30 AM -- Wake up and shower

6:45 AM -- Pray, do makeup, get dressed, do hair

7:10 AM -- Eat breakfast (usually cheerios or oatmeal and fruit or orange juice). I also read scriptures while eating.

7:20 AM -- Poke around Facebook, check email, etc.

7:30 AM -- Leave for work

7:40 AM -- Arrive at work, retrieve laptop, set up classroom, etc.

8:10 - 2:45 -- Teach the same lesson (with some variety so I don't get bored) six times

2:45 -- Prep classroom for next day, grade late work, etc.

3:15 -- (ideally) Leave work

Then I go home, eat, waste more time on the computer, watch movies, watch my TV shows on Tuesday and Wednesday, and then I sleep.

Obviously the latter part varies everyday depending on if I have a friend to play with or not. But this has been my life since August. Except I was leaving work at like 6 PM between August and December. haha. I manage things much better now.

This life will be over in 17 days (13 days of teaching after today). Then I need to come up with some other productive structure to keep myself happy in the summer. 

I am both excited and sad.

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StacyB said...

Dear Daughter,
Your life will be wonderful...just as you are. Take it all in --one day at a time. Heavenly Father loves you and will see to it that all works out perfectly for His beautiful daughter. No worries...you always have home with us! ;)