Thursday, April 29, 2010

Auto Flush

I'm sorry...

I was under the impression that it was standard practice to flush the toilet after using it.

Maybe you forgot?


I feel like every day I go into the bathroom stall here at my school (the faculty one is too far away), I have to stick my foot on the pedal and flush it.

Maybe the crazy hormonal kids just forget?

I'm at a loss as to how one would forget to flush the toilet. 

This is when auto-flush would come in handy.

Just sayin'.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Yes Please

Getting paid over the summer for doing NOTHING (besides sleeping, tanning, watching movies, reading, etc.)?

Yes please.

$1.25 frozen pizza for dinner?

Yes please.

Finally buying a router and setting up my own private wireless?

Yes please. (Don't worry that I've also been carrying my computer everywhere with me for no reason other than to click around on the internet when I'm not in my room.)

Having someone say something like this to me, "I'd run away with you, and make poor decisions with you, and be poor with you, and wait up every night for you, and get no sleep to spend another few minutes with you... I'd let you cry on my shoulder. I'd cry with you from time to time... I'd never ever regret anything with you, and I'd always love you"?

Yes please.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Busy and Sad

OK, so even though I've been weirded out by the fact that I was graduating, I wasn't too excited.

I feel bad because everyone around me is excited for me, sending me cards, money, gifts, taking pictures. And I'm totally grateful. Don't get me wrong! I just am finding it really difficult to be happy or excited.

There has been a total pressure for me to feel happy, relieved, excited, and all of these good things. I've felt guilty for not feeling any of these good things. 

Also, I don't deal well with the unexpected. I don't know where or if I'll have a job in the fall. I prefer the security of knowing what's coming -- that I'll be attending classes like normal, or something. But that's not the case. So I'm scared out of my mind about leaving the security blanket of BYU, where I've been for almost five years.

Add to these things the fact that my dad's mother, my Mimi, passed away about a week ago.

Then add the fact that I'm not sure about the next time I'll get to see my parents.

Then add the fact that my mom's dad, Puffy, is also sick with cancer.

Then add the fact that both of my parents smoke. I feel like I'm starting to lose people all over the place.

Then add the fact that two years ago today I got engaged.

Then add the fact that I have not been sleeping well.

Then add the fact that it was RAINING on my graduation day. I don't do well with rain.

Then add the stress of finding parking.

Then add the fact that they spelled my name wrong on my name card: Janae Nicloe Balibrea. Nicloe? For real? 

Then add the fact that when I finally tried to get myself excited for graduation, when I finally reach that climactic moment where they say my name and I walk on stage... They say the WHOLE. THING. WRONG!

Jen-I. Nick-lo-uh. Ball-ib-ree-uh.


Then add the fact that I am dumb and didn't stop to tell him how to say it and totally should have since apparently he's phonetically challenged.

I had to try so, so hard not to cry when I went to my seat. I was so upset, and everything had accumulated.

Add all of this up, y'all. Seriously. I'm a mess right now. I'm a complete and utter mess.

I am blessed. I love church. I love the gospel. I love my Savior. I love that my screening interview went so well last week. I love everyone around me, my family and friends and how much they give. My grandparents are amazing for putting on this huge barbecue and doing so much for me. My parents allowed me to graduate without debt and with money to spare! I know all of the things that are good. I AM grateful, but I'm a hot mess at the moment.

Nevertheless, here are my pictures where I faked my way through the mood-swinging days with smiles.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Random, I Know

But someone I know is about to get engaged so I've just been looking at rings again.

Fell in love with this ring. Wow... Just wow.

I should probably stop. haha.

My Life is Awesome

I have a screening interview today with Canyons School District, so that's slightly nerve wracking.

Last night I went to bed at 11 and woke up drenched in sweat around 1:30 AM. Not sure why. So I got up and took a shower then instead of at 6:30. haha. Weird, I know, but I slept fine after that.

My parents are getting here today with my little bro!

Commencement is tomorrow, and convocations the next day!

In fifth period as I was putting laptops away during testing, a bunch of my friends in the faculty at work came into my room singing "Happy Graduation To You!" with a cake congratulating me! Oh my goodness. I was so overwhelmed. How freaking cool are they?


Sunday, April 18, 2010

My School, My Remote, and Other Big Temporal Things

Busy week!

I have to meet tonight with some girls from church for an upcoming activity. Then tomorrow I have to visit teach at some point because the rest of the week probably won't work. Tuesday night I have meetings as a Relief Society presidency also.

Wednesday I have a screening interview with Canyons School District.

Thursday and Friday I freaking GRADUATE! What the heck!

It's going to be amazing. Fortunately, there aren't really any lesson plans for this week because it's all state testing, so that should be delightful.

The weather is glorious today: 73° and sunny.

I bought six movies on Friday night: Michael Jackson's This is It, Zombieland, Whip It, Where the Wild Things Are, Brothers Bloom, and Terminator Salvation. The impulsive buying has to stop. But I can't beat the 3 for $20 deal--come on!

I worked out on Saturday morning to Jillian's 30 Day Shred. It's such a beast but I'm not too sore. Guess I'd better do it again tomorrah! 

In other news, my DVD remote has not been working for a long time, the play button most importantly. It's very annoying. I've looked into getting it replaced or repaired, and it would cost more than my DVD player ($39 to be exact) to do either of those.

So instead I got super smart and went to Big! Lots yesterday and got a universal remote for $5. I programmed it and now have a remote that works with my DVD player! I am one happy (and freaking smart) camper! I tried to program it to the TV but don't think it will work, but it's OK. I just need something that will push PLAY and skip chapters and fast forward so that I don't have to get up every time I pause a DVD. I also got a bunch of new chapsticks because the one I had forever ran out, and then my cherry one got lost. So I found two different Hawaiian Tropic kinds for $1.50 each which I haven't tried yet. And for $1 I got Maui Mike's chapstick that is pina colada flavored. It is amazing. I love it.

Last night I went to a volleyball game with my cousin, and we went to this pizza place that was pretty darn good. It was a fun change of pace.

I got a bajillion compliments today on my outfit, hair, eyes, headband, etc. It's blown my head up big time. It's so nice when people tell you kind things. I also wore my new shoes today. :)

So, staying busy and doing lots of good things I hope.

I need to get an oil change soon. Gotta love cars!

The end.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Hot Shoes

Ahoy, ahoy! (I guess that's how Alexander Graham Bell used to answer the phone. I think I'll do the same.)

So many best things to report on!:

1. Last night I went to dinner with my amazing cousin Erica and her mom. It was basically the best thing ever to sit and talk with them for so long about pretty much everything. I love good conversations and strong personalities. They're my FAVORITE!

2. I made a chocolate lovers' bundt cake for my roommate and put candles in it and surrounded her room and flooded her bathroom with balloons. I got some neighbors to come sing happy birthday with me to her because no one else was home! But it was fun. She loved her present, too!

3. My roommate then wanted me to go to Target, which I love and never go to. I tried on a couple of pairs of shoes and put them back because I've been making a lot of random purchases lately, including a ticket to Hawaii so I should probably manage the impulsive spending a little better... But then, I changed my mind and got BOTH pairs that I liked. They're so freaking hot.

4. I love sunshine.

5. Being caught up with grading. Being that I did no grading over spring break, I have been catching up all week. I am done! I just have to enter participation points at the end of the day and whatever late work gets turned in today. :) *I also wanted to add that while my students have been reading or practice testing at their laptops, and while I've been grading, I've been able to listen to music with one ear bud in (so I know what's going on). Some music has come on that has been so amazing. It's been rejuvenating for my soul to listen to music lately. One song by Death Cab came on that I could feel in my veins. It was amazing. I love music to an indescribable degree. It is so much a part of who I am and is so much a part of the things that I feel.

Just a note: Relying on technology can often be a bad idea. I'm doing a practice state test with my students today on laptops. Yesterday during my worst behaved class, the website was inaccessible because the server was down. Guess what? It happened again today, during the second worst behaved class. Wow, thanks! I hate you.

But let's not end on a negative, hm? I get to sleep in tomorrow and play with Erica and do whatever I want! I heart Saturdays. And the thought of going home to have a nap before work and to eat a piece of bundt cake before work is making me unspeakably cheery. Also my parents are coming in a week for my graduation! I'm freaking graduating! What what...

Okay bye.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Happy Happy

So this ticket to Hawaii thing will probably keep me going until it actually happens. Then actually going to Hawaii will probably keep me going for another year. Chyeah.

My kids are being really good lately considering how boring my class has been in the last couple of days. I try to make it as interesting as possible with my occasionally warped sense of humor, but some classes don't react as well as others, unfortunately.

I've just been in a really good mood lately.

I bought several birthday cards today--there's lots of birthdays in April! And I only have two left to mail. The other is for my roommate.

After work today I went shopping. I ordered a gift online for someone's birthday.

Then I made a stop at five separate stores for my roommate's gift... Cocoa Bean, In-N-Out, and Seagull Book. One of those stops was the dollar store where I got her cute birthday bag (she loves purple, and she never reads my blog so it's OK), and some balloons. The most fun at the dollar store was that I got these ADORABLE head bands. Black and white and pink (purple for my roommate). Look!

I also went to Wal Mart. I had some things I had to get--treats for an Enrichment activity tonight was the main purpose. But it's Wal Mart, so I always get a thousand dollars more things than I needed. I got myself some dark chocolate Reese's because come on, they're so good. And I got Salt & Vinegar kettle cooked Lay's because they're my fave. I got some 5 lb free weights. They are purple. I like them. This means if I don't want to get my bum to the gym in the morning I can do my 30 Day Shred with Jillian for 20 minutes with my free weights. It's a BEAST for shiz. And I got some whey protein powder because I like it better than the Muscle Milk kind I have. And I got those four birthday cards I mentioned. And I got my roommate some Lindor truffles for her birthday. And I got Aussie volumizing shampoo and conditioner that smells so dang good. And I'm so excited for my new glass butter dish. I've looked for one at the dollar store so many times. I just like having soft butter ready to spread when I need it, and I hate that I've had nowhere to put it. So I'm very excited for my butter dish!

When I got home I checked my mail and got a graduation card and check which is sa-weeeeet! I also checked out a new digital cable thingamajig that Comcast is forcing onto us. I set it up, but I can't "activate" it without some number I need from the apartments. But other than that, this genius set it up, and all is ready to go.

I prepared my roommate's cute present. 

Then I got some Joseph Smith CDs by Truman G. Madsen out of my storage unit because I'm aching to get to know him better. I am excited to listen.

Then I put in a new Brita filter in my thingy.

Then I went to Enrichment and had a lesson on budgeting which was super cool.

And now I am home and listening to the American Idol results show in the next room.

So basically I have been non-stop today, and I LOVE it a lot. :)

I need a wireless router, and then I will be ecstatic to connect everywhere in my apartment. :) But I'm not sure how big of a hurry I am in to get it.

Also I love Cocoa Bean cupcakes.

I need to sleep early tonight. I've been coughing for three days now and not sleeping enough. I will go to bed early. I will go to bed early. Self-hypnosis works. I will go to bed early.

Bye now.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Remember when I talked about how I never do anything because I am overly responsible or just put off doing things that are totally out of my comfort zone?

Well, someone I know has never been that way. My friend Krystle is my hero in so many ways I could not even begin to do her justice right now.

She has always been a mega over-achiever. She does more than anyone would think humanly possible--spending time in India doing service, building houses *somewhere* over spring break, traveling to Hawaii to do Teach for America.

Nothing holds her back. She's one of the most motivated and adventurous and best persons that I know. She's truly a good person through and through.

She's an amazing friend. She's always been there for me. Krystle listens when I need someone to talk. She'll cry with me. She'll be funny and dumb if that's what we feel like at the time. There's this great sense of balance in our friendship that I don't feel with too many other people, but I rarely ever get to see her.

I don't know how to explain her amazingness even more than I already have.

Krystle's been asking me when I'm going to come visit her in my homeland, Hawaii (where I've never been). I kept putting it off, thinking I'd end up going someday... Maybe with my husband... Maybe when I have more money... Maybe when I have a job and don't need to be job hunting... Maybe...


Now is the time, folks! I have seized the day and booked a ticket to Hawaii for June 8 - June 21. Krystle will be housing me and showing me all the cool sites and sights. Being able to stay with her is a blessing since it will save me money, but it's even more of a blessing because I get to spend time with one of my most favorite people ever!

I have never ever been to Hawaii, and instead of waiting, I thought, "I'm graduating. I'll be getting money from that. I can put a little debt onto my credit card. I have no family or anything to tie me down right now. I'm going now!" So Expedia offered a great round trip deal of $540.

I don't think I can express my excitement for both Hawaii and for seeing Krystle!


Home is Where the Heart Is

Well, I've gone private. So hopefully all of you got my invitation and accept it and check back frequently. I don't know that I want to annoy anyone by sending out email alerts every time I update.

So I went home...

On Saturday we just kind of hung out. I took pictures and videos of the new puppy. He is darling and feisty! I'm trying to remember what else we did... Mom and I did some shopping for Easter dinner. I was bugged because she took so dang long, though. I think my dad and I went to lunch but I can't remember. Mom and I got our necklaces from the twin pearls I got in Las Vegas, and we got some movies. I also colored and decorated tons of Easter eggs.

Then Mom and I did tons of cooking, and I did tons of cleaning because we were supposed to have company. Then I got grouchy, so my dad and I went to Cold Stone on his motorcycle. :)

On Sunday I got up and listened to the first session of Conference while getting dinner ready. Conference was awesome.  Then I got ready and turned on the afternoon session but turned it off because everyone was arriving. So we had an amazing dinner of ham, (there was turkey too, barbecued!), scalloped and mashed potatoes, green beans, corn, salad, and more. Dad and Jason played guitar. And we had an earthquake while eating. Super awesome.

We also celebrated Elijah's birthday...

On Monday Dad, Jared, and I went to get our hair cut at Charlene's. Then Dad and I got lunch at Casa del Rey. It was delicious! Dad and I went to Barnes and Noble, and I had to get something at Bed, Bath, and Beyond. I also got some stuff at Wal Mart--including two $3 shirts that are dang cute--a phone both and a corset design. That night I hung out with my friend Justin. We watched Adam. It was way good. I went home super early and reconnected with an old friend online.

On Tuesday I went to the beach with Jake. We stepped in tar and had a grand ol' time besides. It was glorious. We almost parked on the street but I realized that everyone else who was parked there had a ticket. And parking went up to $15 instead of $10. I was bugged. But it's OK, it was fun. I don't remember what I did that night. Maybe that's the night Jake and I went and got ice cream at Stater Bros. Oh I do remember--I watched Idol with my parents. It was way fun.

Jake's foot.

 On Wednesday I worked out in the morning and had lunch at BJ's with Allyn. It was sooo yummy. We shared a pizookie. Then we went to the mall where I got a new sweatshirt and bag at Cotton On ($12 for both),  and two $3 shirts and two $10 shirts at Charlotte Russe. We wandered around the mall--to the As Seen on TV store, and dollar stores, and we saw really cool stuff like these Butt Boosters. I crashed for two hours on the couch after that, and then we watched the results show on Idol, wherein Rihanna SUCKED really bad. And Mom got Papa John's for me, which was delish. I <3 Papa John's.

 On Thursday I wanted to go to the beach but didn't end up going because no one would go with me. I did exercise though. I think this is the day we watched Iron Man. Dad took me to get a $1.50 hot dog and soda lunch at Costco. It was fun. That night I made chocolate chip cookies, and Emily made Scotcharoos (butterscotch flavored Rice Krispie treats covered with peanut butter and chocolate).

On Friday I went to the beach with Emily and Jared, and Cody met us there. Jared caught lots of clams, crabs, and a baby turtle, among other things. I got super scorched, but it was so worth it.

Emily. :)

Jared's sand town. :) 

That night Emily, her friend Brittany, and I went to the Cary Brothers concert at Hotel Cafe. It was amazing. Joey Ryan was awesome, and Cary took a picture with me and autographed my CD. He is beautiful, and he hugged me super tight, and I was all shaking and stuff. Oh man. Amazing.

Like I said, scorched.

This is terrible so I can't believe I'm going to post it, but I love Cary Brothers so much no matter how ugly I look! I'm sorry if I make your eyes water. Mine do...

A piano man. Hot. 

On Saturday my mom and I went to see Grandpa Tunget. I love him. We got Feelin' Juicy smoothies before we left. Also, we brought the baby doggy with us, and grandpa played with him. The drive up there is a beast, I tell you. Tummy aches and all.

 On Saturday night I had to go to the store to buy stuff for breakfast. Then I made chocolate lovers' bundt cake. It turned out OK.

Sunday morning, dad made breakfast. It was delicious. I played piano and sat around. Then we left for the airport. All went well, the landing was rough, and grandma came and got me. I ate dinner at her house and did my lesson plans, came home, unpacked, watched Finding Nemo, and went to bed.

Mostly I stayed up too late and got up too early considering. But I had a lot of fun! I had so much fun doing nothing that I graded ZERO essays. haha. I brought them with me to lots of places but just didn't end up doing them. Still trying to get the steam to do it. It is now Tuesday evening, and I have three classes' essays graded, so I feel OK about it.

I'm glad to be back in the swing of things but don't really like the quietness of it at my apartment. I miss home, but my parents will be up here soon for my graduation. Yay!

Other big news to come...