Thursday, April 1, 2010

Home Again!

Only like 50 hours until I am home again for a long spring break!

I still can't get over that I'll be grading papers. It's cool though. What better place to do it than on the beach?

I am going to have my first donut on Saturday in who knows how long. It's going to be a cinnamon sugar one from Donut Queen. I am also going to watch General Conference on my laptop.

I am also going to see Cary Brothers on April 9 in downtown Los Angeleez.

I am going to walk on the temple grounds of Newport temple or possibly LA. I'm considering doing baptism walk-ins, but I have no names to do yet because I am a slacker. I promise I will this summer! I'll work really hard this summer.

I get to sleep in.

I get to ride on my dad's motorcycle.

I get to watch movies.

I get to watch Glee and Idol with my family!

I get to snuggle my kitty!

I get to meet the new puppy!

And so much more. I am excited!

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