Friday, April 16, 2010

Hot Shoes

Ahoy, ahoy! (I guess that's how Alexander Graham Bell used to answer the phone. I think I'll do the same.)

So many best things to report on!:

1. Last night I went to dinner with my amazing cousin Erica and her mom. It was basically the best thing ever to sit and talk with them for so long about pretty much everything. I love good conversations and strong personalities. They're my FAVORITE!

2. I made a chocolate lovers' bundt cake for my roommate and put candles in it and surrounded her room and flooded her bathroom with balloons. I got some neighbors to come sing happy birthday with me to her because no one else was home! But it was fun. She loved her present, too!

3. My roommate then wanted me to go to Target, which I love and never go to. I tried on a couple of pairs of shoes and put them back because I've been making a lot of random purchases lately, including a ticket to Hawaii so I should probably manage the impulsive spending a little better... But then, I changed my mind and got BOTH pairs that I liked. They're so freaking hot.

4. I love sunshine.

5. Being caught up with grading. Being that I did no grading over spring break, I have been catching up all week. I am done! I just have to enter participation points at the end of the day and whatever late work gets turned in today. :) *I also wanted to add that while my students have been reading or practice testing at their laptops, and while I've been grading, I've been able to listen to music with one ear bud in (so I know what's going on). Some music has come on that has been so amazing. It's been rejuvenating for my soul to listen to music lately. One song by Death Cab came on that I could feel in my veins. It was amazing. I love music to an indescribable degree. It is so much a part of who I am and is so much a part of the things that I feel.

Just a note: Relying on technology can often be a bad idea. I'm doing a practice state test with my students today on laptops. Yesterday during my worst behaved class, the website was inaccessible because the server was down. Guess what? It happened again today, during the second worst behaved class. Wow, thanks! I hate you.

But let's not end on a negative, hm? I get to sleep in tomorrow and play with Erica and do whatever I want! I heart Saturdays. And the thought of going home to have a nap before work and to eat a piece of bundt cake before work is making me unspeakably cheery. Also my parents are coming in a week for my graduation! I'm freaking graduating! What what...

Okay bye.

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Sydnie said...

They are hot shoes. And reading this really makes me crave Chocolate Lover's Bundt Cake. Oh my goodness. I want it.