Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Yes Please

Getting paid over the summer for doing NOTHING (besides sleeping, tanning, watching movies, reading, etc.)?

Yes please.

$1.25 frozen pizza for dinner?

Yes please.

Finally buying a router and setting up my own private wireless?

Yes please. (Don't worry that I've also been carrying my computer everywhere with me for no reason other than to click around on the internet when I'm not in my room.)

Having someone say something like this to me, "I'd run away with you, and make poor decisions with you, and be poor with you, and wait up every night for you, and get no sleep to spend another few minutes with you... I'd let you cry on my shoulder. I'd cry with you from time to time... I'd never ever regret anything with you, and I'd always love you"?

Yes please.


Brianne said...

Did someone say that to you?

StacyB said...