Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Happy Happy

So this ticket to Hawaii thing will probably keep me going until it actually happens. Then actually going to Hawaii will probably keep me going for another year. Chyeah.

My kids are being really good lately considering how boring my class has been in the last couple of days. I try to make it as interesting as possible with my occasionally warped sense of humor, but some classes don't react as well as others, unfortunately.

I've just been in a really good mood lately.

I bought several birthday cards today--there's lots of birthdays in April! And I only have two left to mail. The other is for my roommate.

After work today I went shopping. I ordered a gift online for someone's birthday.

Then I made a stop at five separate stores for my roommate's gift... Cocoa Bean, In-N-Out, and Seagull Book. One of those stops was the dollar store where I got her cute birthday bag (she loves purple, and she never reads my blog so it's OK), and some balloons. The most fun at the dollar store was that I got these ADORABLE head bands. Black and white and pink (purple for my roommate). Look!

I also went to Wal Mart. I had some things I had to get--treats for an Enrichment activity tonight was the main purpose. But it's Wal Mart, so I always get a thousand dollars more things than I needed. I got myself some dark chocolate Reese's because come on, they're so good. And I got Salt & Vinegar kettle cooked Lay's because they're my fave. I got some 5 lb free weights. They are purple. I like them. This means if I don't want to get my bum to the gym in the morning I can do my 30 Day Shred with Jillian for 20 minutes with my free weights. It's a BEAST for shiz. And I got some whey protein powder because I like it better than the Muscle Milk kind I have. And I got those four birthday cards I mentioned. And I got my roommate some Lindor truffles for her birthday. And I got Aussie volumizing shampoo and conditioner that smells so dang good. And I'm so excited for my new glass butter dish. I've looked for one at the dollar store so many times. I just like having soft butter ready to spread when I need it, and I hate that I've had nowhere to put it. So I'm very excited for my butter dish!

When I got home I checked my mail and got a graduation card and check which is sa-weeeeet! I also checked out a new digital cable thingamajig that Comcast is forcing onto us. I set it up, but I can't "activate" it without some number I need from the apartments. But other than that, this genius set it up, and all is ready to go.

I prepared my roommate's cute present. 

Then I got some Joseph Smith CDs by Truman G. Madsen out of my storage unit because I'm aching to get to know him better. I am excited to listen.

Then I put in a new Brita filter in my thingy.

Then I went to Enrichment and had a lesson on budgeting which was super cool.

And now I am home and listening to the American Idol results show in the next room.

So basically I have been non-stop today, and I LOVE it a lot. :)

I need a wireless router, and then I will be ecstatic to connect everywhere in my apartment. :) But I'm not sure how big of a hurry I am in to get it.

Also I love Cocoa Bean cupcakes.

I need to sleep early tonight. I've been coughing for three days now and not sleeping enough. I will go to bed early. I will go to bed early. Self-hypnosis works. I will go to bed early.

Bye now.

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