Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Home is Where the Heart Is

Well, I've gone private. So hopefully all of you got my invitation and accept it and check back frequently. I don't know that I want to annoy anyone by sending out email alerts every time I update.

So I went home...

On Saturday we just kind of hung out. I took pictures and videos of the new puppy. He is darling and feisty! I'm trying to remember what else we did... Mom and I did some shopping for Easter dinner. I was bugged because she took so dang long, though. I think my dad and I went to lunch but I can't remember. Mom and I got our necklaces from the twin pearls I got in Las Vegas, and we got some movies. I also colored and decorated tons of Easter eggs.

Then Mom and I did tons of cooking, and I did tons of cleaning because we were supposed to have company. Then I got grouchy, so my dad and I went to Cold Stone on his motorcycle. :)

On Sunday I got up and listened to the first session of Conference while getting dinner ready. Conference was awesome.  Then I got ready and turned on the afternoon session but turned it off because everyone was arriving. So we had an amazing dinner of ham, (there was turkey too, barbecued!), scalloped and mashed potatoes, green beans, corn, salad, and more. Dad and Jason played guitar. And we had an earthquake while eating. Super awesome.

We also celebrated Elijah's birthday...

On Monday Dad, Jared, and I went to get our hair cut at Charlene's. Then Dad and I got lunch at Casa del Rey. It was delicious! Dad and I went to Barnes and Noble, and I had to get something at Bed, Bath, and Beyond. I also got some stuff at Wal Mart--including two $3 shirts that are dang cute--a phone both and a corset design. That night I hung out with my friend Justin. We watched Adam. It was way good. I went home super early and reconnected with an old friend online.

On Tuesday I went to the beach with Jake. We stepped in tar and had a grand ol' time besides. It was glorious. We almost parked on the street but I realized that everyone else who was parked there had a ticket. And parking went up to $15 instead of $10. I was bugged. But it's OK, it was fun. I don't remember what I did that night. Maybe that's the night Jake and I went and got ice cream at Stater Bros. Oh I do remember--I watched Idol with my parents. It was way fun.

Jake's foot.

 On Wednesday I worked out in the morning and had lunch at BJ's with Allyn. It was sooo yummy. We shared a pizookie. Then we went to the mall where I got a new sweatshirt and bag at Cotton On ($12 for both),  and two $3 shirts and two $10 shirts at Charlotte Russe. We wandered around the mall--to the As Seen on TV store, and dollar stores, and we saw really cool stuff like these Butt Boosters. I crashed for two hours on the couch after that, and then we watched the results show on Idol, wherein Rihanna SUCKED really bad. And Mom got Papa John's for me, which was delish. I <3 Papa John's.

 On Thursday I wanted to go to the beach but didn't end up going because no one would go with me. I did exercise though. I think this is the day we watched Iron Man. Dad took me to get a $1.50 hot dog and soda lunch at Costco. It was fun. That night I made chocolate chip cookies, and Emily made Scotcharoos (butterscotch flavored Rice Krispie treats covered with peanut butter and chocolate).

On Friday I went to the beach with Emily and Jared, and Cody met us there. Jared caught lots of clams, crabs, and a baby turtle, among other things. I got super scorched, but it was so worth it.

Emily. :)

Jared's sand town. :) 

That night Emily, her friend Brittany, and I went to the Cary Brothers concert at Hotel Cafe. It was amazing. Joey Ryan was awesome, and Cary took a picture with me and autographed my CD. He is beautiful, and he hugged me super tight, and I was all shaking and stuff. Oh man. Amazing.

Like I said, scorched.

This is terrible so I can't believe I'm going to post it, but I love Cary Brothers so much no matter how ugly I look! I'm sorry if I make your eyes water. Mine do...

A piano man. Hot. 

On Saturday my mom and I went to see Grandpa Tunget. I love him. We got Feelin' Juicy smoothies before we left. Also, we brought the baby doggy with us, and grandpa played with him. The drive up there is a beast, I tell you. Tummy aches and all.

 On Saturday night I had to go to the store to buy stuff for breakfast. Then I made chocolate lovers' bundt cake. It turned out OK.

Sunday morning, dad made breakfast. It was delicious. I played piano and sat around. Then we left for the airport. All went well, the landing was rough, and grandma came and got me. I ate dinner at her house and did my lesson plans, came home, unpacked, watched Finding Nemo, and went to bed.

Mostly I stayed up too late and got up too early considering. But I had a lot of fun! I had so much fun doing nothing that I graded ZERO essays. haha. I brought them with me to lots of places but just didn't end up doing them. Still trying to get the steam to do it. It is now Tuesday evening, and I have three classes' essays graded, so I feel OK about it.

I'm glad to be back in the swing of things but don't really like the quietness of it at my apartment. I miss home, but my parents will be up here soon for my graduation. Yay!

Other big news to come...

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