Thursday, April 28, 2011


I'm OK with being greeted when I get to the gym. "Thanks, Janae." "Have a good workout." Or even, "Hello." These are all fine.

But when I'm on my way out of the gym, I don't like to be acknowledged. I don't want anyone telling me, "Goodbye," or "See ya," or, "Have a good night."

Thanks, but I felt special on my way in. I don't want to be seen on my way out. 

You Know You're Single When...

You know you’re a young, single woman when your lofty dreams consist of having any or all of the following: a gas range, a front-loading washer and dryer, a freezer that doesn’t freezer burn your food.

You know you're avoiding addressing stressful thoughts when you're totally caught up on grades, ahead on homework, and are trying to think of what else you can do besides think of the stressful things...

You know you you're a teacher when getting overdrawn in your bank account is a regular occurrence.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Spring Break: Activity Summary

Drove home on Friday after work. On that drive I stopped to pick up our Color Me Mine creations. Then I stopped in Fillmore. Twenty minutes before stopping in Fillmore, my car was making really scary noises. When I got out and looked, it was the plastic engine cover hanging under the bottom of my car. The noise was its scraping on the ground. I drove across the street to the Chevron to see if they had a garage. They didn't. It was also 5:30: all mechanics closed. Great.

I drove around and just re-parked. I was on the phone to my dad when this bearded mid-30s guy holding a pair of children's Crocs walked by. He bent over and looked at my car. He asked if I hit that cable in the road a while back, but I explained that I hadn't. He got down on the ground and said he basically could pull it off. So he started tugging at it, and he couldn't get all of it off. He walked over to his trailer which I think was holding some quads, grabbed a knife, and cut the rest of it off. It took less than 5 minutes for him to help me, but he saved me so much time and stress and headache. I felt so blessed in that moment, that we were both there at that exactly right moment so that he could help me. I saw him walk over to his family. I didn't realize they had been waiting, his wife and three kids, probably to go inside and eat. They saw him help me out and waited patiently for him. Words can't express the gratitude I felt and still feel to him and his family, and to the Lord for always watching out for me when I don't deserve it.

I was back on the road in half an hour from stopping, thanks to him. I stopped again in St. George and got gas. Then I stopped in Vegas for food and restroom use. I went the rest of the way home and got there just after midnight, California time. So it was about 10 hours of travel, total, which isn't bad considering my lengthy stop.

Saturday morning: up and at 'em. Showered and got ready to go to Porterville to attend a wedding with Someone. I got there at about 2, met the parents, went and got lunch, got ready, and went to the wedding.

Sunday: went with someone to get his oil changed, and got breakfast. Drove home and hung out with the fam.

Monday: 2:30 AM greeted Someone since he made the drive down to Glendora after work. We went to the Bagelry with Jason and Emily. Hung out and talked with Dad for a while. Drove around and showed him the town--Glendora, Covina, San Dimas, etc.  Had to take him to San Dimas High School, being that Bill & Ted claim to go there. Mom made Chicken and Dumplings that night.

Tuesday: Went to the store to get Jared some top ramen and mac and cheese. Sat around. Made sandwiches for me and Someone. Went to Golden Spoon for yogurt. Got my hair cut by Josh. Went to the Bahooka for dinner.

Wednesday: Went to Peppertree Cafe for lunch (skipped breakfast, woke up late). Went bowling (I got 2nd in the first game, and won the second game!). Played in the arcade. Went and got Pinkberry. Someone really liked it! Mom and dad made shishkebob, sauteed mushrooms, rice, zucchini, shells/white cheddar, and it was delicious.

Thursday: Made breakfast for Someone. He was on his way. I drove Emily and Jason to San Diego Zoo. Long drive, long day. It was fun.

Friday: Went to lunch with Allyn at Casa Del Rey. Then we wandered around Target. I took a nap because I was emotional and stressed. Watched Gulliver's Travels with my pops. Went back to sleep. *note* I was really, really sore (mostly in my calves) from the zoo. Ouchie.

Today we are doing Easter dinner because I'll leave tomorrow morning. It's been really cloudy this whole trip, kind of a bummer. The weather at the zoo was perfect, but that was one day, and not even in my town. I didn't get to the beach and didn't start on my tan. Sad.

Now I get to do homework for my class and plan lessons and possibly grade some worksheets.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Somebody's Somebody

So we got to Thursday, correct? Where we went to the Pie and Sucker Punch?

Friday is kind of blurry, but I went to work that day because it was the principal's last day. I was sad. I am not sure what I did that day at all. Seriously. I guess I wrote a blog? I ate some leftover Pie pizza. I think I just hung out poking around Facebook and wasting time. Someone went to the My Chemical Romance concert that I tried desperately to get tickets to. Alas, I was left sitting at home.

Late that night, I made the treacherous journey down to Provo to Someone's brother's house. I picked up some McFatty's because we were both hungry, and there was no food.

On Saturday morning we had a talk. This is the point at which (after several patient and adorable pleadings from him) I agreed that we could make things official. April 9th.

I took some advantage of being in Provo. I went to the Dollar General (there are like two in Utah; and they have my skin cleanser). I stopped at Blockbuster where I no longer know anyone! haha. I got cupcakes at the Cocoa Bean for later. I got an Einstein Bagel and hot chocolate. I came home to Murray. I cleaned up a little bit. I did homework and lesson plans. And took forever doing them. That day, Someone got a massage with his brother and ran some errands and went to dinner with him and stuff. But I got all my stuff done while he was out, so it's OK. He came late that night...

On Sunday, we went to church with Raytch. Got some tears in Sunday school because of the teacher's story of her dad passing away. Ugh. After that we went to my grandma's for dinner, where Someone got to fulfill his goal of holding my baby cousin Londyn. Look at how cute he is with her. So cute.

He even picked her up off the floor when she was crying because of teething. There was no consoling her; he just wanted to hold her and make her feel better. He also made good conversation with both of my grandparents. I guess he has the stamp of approval from everyone who was there.

That night we didn't do a whole lot. I think we poked around at some music videos and whatnot. He showed me his favorite bands and songs which I don't think will ever be my favorites. Ick.

On Monday, Someone came to work with me! It was really fun having him there, but I know he was really bored. He was on Facebook on his phone the whole time. He posted this:

"sitting in a junior high class in Kearns UT.. wow.. I have mixed feelings.. Its sad that kids have no discipline these days.. they are horrible compared to when I went to school... but I'm also happy knowing that there will be no shortage of inmates in the near future.. hopefully they bring a friend."

I did briefly introduce him to everyone. He told me later that day that he was really impressed with me and my teaching. I felt like I was having an off day, and my kids were being AWFUL. I think they were showing off. Because today, without a visitor, the same classes were SO GOOD! It was like night and day.

Monday after work, we went to the grocery store to pick up stuff for me to make dinner. I tried some alfredo sauce from scratch. It was sooooo good.

We went to Color Me Mine afterward. I asked him far in advance if he would take me on a date there. Here's us before leaving.

Here's one of him driving us there. :)

 We got there at about 6:45 and picked out our pieces: a mask and a soup bowl.

I didn't plan anything. I just did whatever I wanted, so my little bowl is total chaos. Someone else, however, had to Google what he wanted.

And he concentrated REALLY hard.

I, however, just played.

Someone's turned out kinda cool. I guess we'll see when I pick it up on Friday.

When we got back, we cleaned up from dinner. I made brownies--his favorite. We were super tired, and my back hurt really bad, so Someone gave me a massage for like over 30 minutes. It did help, though I think I was bruised the next day. Still, isn't that nice of him? He just volunteers for these things.

On Tuesday, he was going to go but decided to stay an extra day. While I was at work, he got Cafe Rio for lunch, went and got his stuff from Provo, cleaned up there, came back, looked at houses online for himself, and waited for me to get back from work and school. I had class all the way down at BYU instead of in Orem that night. It was crappy. But we met up at TGI Friday's for dinner!

And that was that, pretty much. He left this morning and is less than an hour from home now. I will go home to California after work on Friday. Saturday morning I will drive the three additional hours to where he lives to attend his friend's wedding with him which he asked me to go to several weeks ago. Then he will come down to my neck of the woods on Monday-Wednesday. After that, I don't know what kind of drought we'll have in terms of seeing each other. It will be sad.

But I am pretty much amazed at how good this man is to me so far. He took me to lunch and dinner, paid for groceries, gave me massages, complimented me, ate my dinner, bought me gas for coming to Provo, helped me clean up and put away dishes, came to work with me, and snuggled me.

Here's to hoping...

Friday, April 8, 2011


On Tuesday night, someone important arrived. I must write the events thus far, or they will get foggy.

We watched Life as we Know It because Someone has a thing for babies. It was just OK. I didn't pay too much attention since it was late, and I was tired, among other things...

I made waffles for Someone on Wednesday.

We went for a long walk around Murray Park. 

Before the park. Then I got all windblown. I hate the wind. Someone else's hair got messed up too. ;)

We hung around and went to Cafe Rio for a late lunch/early dinner--we ordered online. We got all the way back to my place before we realized they got our order wrong and gave us one thing of this gross watery vinaigrette dressing instead of house dressing. It's like, I can see if they put two of those things in there. There were two salads. But no. Just one. And the wrong one. What the heck? Annoying.

We watched (500) Days of Summer while we ate.

We both fell asleep on the couch and woke up at like 8:30. haha. Random long naps are fantastic.

When we woke up, I ate my leftover cheesecake from the Cheesecake Factory (went with Raytch and Cara on Monday). Then we watched Tombstone. Basically the best movie ever. Now Someone also recognizes it as such. Three movies in two days? Wow, we're exciting!

On Thursday, we exchanged some important words in the morning.

I made smoothies for breakfast. I love my smoothies, but apparently they're "tart." Oh well.

So we sat around...

I convinced Someone to play a game of Elvis Monopoly with me. He kicked my freaking trash because of a rrrrreeeeeeally stupid trade I made. The last green property I needed for the orange and fuschia properties he wanted. Then he built hotels on freaking every single one of those properties. And I had to go to jail like 3 times without passing go or collecting $200, basically mortgaging everything I had to pay for his stupid sidewalk of death every time I got out of jail. So gay. Psh. I am a poor sport but was over it in like 2 minutes.

Plus, we went to the Pie Pizzeria. I mean, you can't stay mad when you go to the Pie, right? Just look how happy I am!

Or maybe contemplative is what we are at the Pie...

See those lips? Yeah...

We got the cheese pull apart and the BBQ chicken pizza.

It was VERY yummy. We went to the Dollar Tree and got some fun stuff for $8: coconut lotion, cookie sheets, Andes, shaving cream, a dual usb car charger, air freshener, mouthwash, Aquafina. :)

Then we went to FYE where I purchased Capote for $3.50. I haven't seen it, but I hear it's good, I love P.S. Hoffman, and it was $3.50. Come on.

We went home and redeemed my 2 for $9 on Fandango that I bought a while back on Sucker Punch. I'm kind of tired of these philosophical endings to movies lately. It's like we take a fun movie and then try to make it all deep and thoughtful out of nowhere. WTF?

So that's all so far. But I've had a great time with Someone. And Someone is an amazing kisser, also. My face my or may not be chafed.

I guess we'll see... Maybe the wooing will return to what it was a while ago. :)

Never know.