Friday, April 8, 2011


On Tuesday night, someone important arrived. I must write the events thus far, or they will get foggy.

We watched Life as we Know It because Someone has a thing for babies. It was just OK. I didn't pay too much attention since it was late, and I was tired, among other things...

I made waffles for Someone on Wednesday.

We went for a long walk around Murray Park. 

Before the park. Then I got all windblown. I hate the wind. Someone else's hair got messed up too. ;)

We hung around and went to Cafe Rio for a late lunch/early dinner--we ordered online. We got all the way back to my place before we realized they got our order wrong and gave us one thing of this gross watery vinaigrette dressing instead of house dressing. It's like, I can see if they put two of those things in there. There were two salads. But no. Just one. And the wrong one. What the heck? Annoying.

We watched (500) Days of Summer while we ate.

We both fell asleep on the couch and woke up at like 8:30. haha. Random long naps are fantastic.

When we woke up, I ate my leftover cheesecake from the Cheesecake Factory (went with Raytch and Cara on Monday). Then we watched Tombstone. Basically the best movie ever. Now Someone also recognizes it as such. Three movies in two days? Wow, we're exciting!

On Thursday, we exchanged some important words in the morning.

I made smoothies for breakfast. I love my smoothies, but apparently they're "tart." Oh well.

So we sat around...

I convinced Someone to play a game of Elvis Monopoly with me. He kicked my freaking trash because of a rrrrreeeeeeally stupid trade I made. The last green property I needed for the orange and fuschia properties he wanted. Then he built hotels on freaking every single one of those properties. And I had to go to jail like 3 times without passing go or collecting $200, basically mortgaging everything I had to pay for his stupid sidewalk of death every time I got out of jail. So gay. Psh. I am a poor sport but was over it in like 2 minutes.

Plus, we went to the Pie Pizzeria. I mean, you can't stay mad when you go to the Pie, right? Just look how happy I am!

Or maybe contemplative is what we are at the Pie...

See those lips? Yeah...

We got the cheese pull apart and the BBQ chicken pizza.

It was VERY yummy. We went to the Dollar Tree and got some fun stuff for $8: coconut lotion, cookie sheets, Andes, shaving cream, a dual usb car charger, air freshener, mouthwash, Aquafina. :)

Then we went to FYE where I purchased Capote for $3.50. I haven't seen it, but I hear it's good, I love P.S. Hoffman, and it was $3.50. Come on.

We went home and redeemed my 2 for $9 on Fandango that I bought a while back on Sucker Punch. I'm kind of tired of these philosophical endings to movies lately. It's like we take a fun movie and then try to make it all deep and thoughtful out of nowhere. WTF?

So that's all so far. But I've had a great time with Someone. And Someone is an amazing kisser, also. My face my or may not be chafed.

I guess we'll see... Maybe the wooing will return to what it was a while ago. :)

Never know.

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Fraser's and Co. said...

so fun to catch up on all your happenings since I haven't seen you in like, FOREVER. Looks like "someone" has amazing beautiful eyes. Just sayin'