Sunday, October 19, 2014

Fall Break in Review

On Thursday morning we had a really late start. We decided to head to the Park CafĂ© in Salt Lake for a very late breakfast. I had my usual biscuits and gravy with eggs over medium and sausage. Patrick got the Michigan hash—his fave.

I noticed two tables down from me was none other than the owner/operator of one of my favorite Instagram accounts--@dallassrae. She’s so dang cute in person. I said nothing for two reasons: 1. She was at breakfast, and I didn’t want to bug her. 2. I was scared. But mostly reason number two. I mean look at this girl.

After that, we walked over to Liberty Park toward the Tracy Aviary. I had free admission there with my Connect pass. We really enjoyed our time. Patrick loved feeding the ducks, swans, and pigeons using the quarter operated food dispenser. He even ended up holding a pigeon on his hand. They weren’t afraid at all. Them were some bold pigeons, I tell ya!

After the Aviary, we went to Jordan Commons and saw The Judge. It was long, but we both really enjoyed it. And can I say how much more I enjoy Megaplex popcorn than Cinemark popcorn? There, I said it. Their butter is better, and they don’t use as much salt. I think I’m sensitive to salt, like my dad. Sad story.

For dinner we got Noodles and Co. I believe we spent the rest of the evening watching Gold Rush reruns.

On Friday, I ran 3.1 miles in the morning. We went and got donuts and Starbucks, bought movie tickets for a Fury showing later that night, and headed up to the University of Utah for the Natural History Museum of Utah. I used my Connect pass to get in for free. Patrick had to pay. We started at the top floor and made our way down. The photography of Utah landscapes on the top floor was so, so impressive. Some were so beautiful. 

Also on the top floor was a cultural display about American Indians in Utah. That kind of stuff and the history of what was done to them always makes me very sad. Seeing all of the moccasins and tools and baby carriers was awesome, though.

We went outside to the rooftop, but the air quality was bad, so my picture isn't super impressive.

On the next floor down, we saw a bunch of biological stuff. There were taxidermied animals (cougar, wolf, etc), and the displays were really cool and interactive. There was also a huge sea turtle shell and a Galapagos turtle shell.

There was a display on Utah’s historically changing landscapes and things. I especially liked the floor with all the ancient Native stuff from 1000 or more years ago. Seeing their tools, jewelry, bowls, shoes, weapons, and all that was awesome.

I loved seeing the big dinosaur fossils and learning about the theories of what caused the deaths of 70 dinosaurs at the Cleveland-Lloyd Quarry in Utah. Dinosaurs and mammoths and saber toothed tigers and huge sloths seriously amaze me. I stand in awe at the creatures that have ruled this planet.

I’m just so glad we were able to go. I really enjoy stuff like that. 

After the museum, we went to use my deal at Mulan Chinese restaurant in Sandy. Therefore, my meal was free (only paid $1 previously). You guys like all my free activities? I impress myself. Too bad Patrick doesn’t appreciate it as much. Patrick loved Mulan’s orange chicken, rice, and egg roll. My lo mein wasn’t too bad either. It seemed like really high quality food for just a fast food place.

We hung out for a couple of hours at my apartment. Then Rachel picked us up to go see Fury. I won’t say too much on it. I liked the movie, but it wasn’t something I needed to see. It was obviously terribly violent, and full of really bad language. I don’t know that I needed to be any more disturbed by war than I already am.

After that I needed some ice cream to feel better about humanity, so we went to Farr’s and made fun of Corey Feldman and Marky Mark for a while.

Saturday morning, I went to Zumba. I ran lots of errands (had to pick up some amazing booties on sale at Payless), some Stevia at Whole Foods, some Cetaphil lotion because my face is dying, and a free workout shirt at Gordman’s. Then I picked up my fall decorations out of my storage unit. I also did four loads of laundry that day.

Then I went over to Patrick’s place, and we went to get some lunch at Firehouse Subs. We spent most of the day just hanging out on his couch. We watched Cool Runnings and talked. I rolled and baked the last of the sugar cookie dough. I also read through the lesson I had to give in Relief Society. I went home around 10.

This morning I prepared my lesson for church and also my lessons for work. I spent a considerable amount of time making a final test for my students on affixes and commonly confused words. I got ready for church. Church was good—all three talks were going to be on the SAME conference talk (Elder Klebingat’s). I thought that was funny. The last speaker picked a different talk at the last second (Elder Holland’s). I only got to sit in the last few minutes of Sunday School, but Danya bore a powerful testimony of Christ.

My Relief Society lesson went pretty well. Everyone had some impressive insights and experiences to share. I always enjoy teaching.

Patrick made us a delicious dinner of potatoes, zucchini, and tequila lime chicken. A German chocolate cake is waiting to be frosted while we watch the latest episode of the Walking Dead. All in all, it was a good fall break, due in large part to the great company I had. I got some much needed sleep, and did lots of fun things.

Monday, October 6, 2014

The Goings On

I do a terrible job of remembering the things I want to write about. Then when I make time to sit and write, I got nothin'. Seriously. Nothin.

I guess I'll just use the backup which is pictures from my phone to tell of some things that have happened in the past couple of months.

In August... 

We went to Bear Lake. I took no pictures except this one at a local restaurant because I love vintage stoves. And I hate camping.

I learned how to fold a fitted sheet.

There were two snails on my apartment walkway.

Patrick and I went to Wicked.

I went to Swiss Days with my mom, grandma, aunt April, Zoey, and Tyce. I had a beautiful 3 mile run.

And I found a darling local coffee shop where I enjoyed my latte.

I just think Midway is the cutest.

I also hit 100,000 miles on my 6 year old car :(

In September...

We went to Marlene's baby shower open house.

I bought books with coupons.

I bought some shoes, and Patrick bought me some shoes.

My mom bought me a new exercise shirt.

Some girls commented on my arms on Instagram and made my day.

I burned myself with a curling iron.

I decorated my classroom.

I went to the Women's Expo at UVU with my mom and aunts. We ate at the food trucks. I had the Monte Cristo from Cravings Bistro.

Patrick and I shopped at Graywhale, and I reminisced.

I cooked kielbasa and other yummy things.

So far in October...

I started wearing scarves.

I see the moon over the mountains regularly.

I went to Patrick's family's Sunday lunch between General Conference sessions. Taco soup for the win.

Patrick snuggles his twin nephew.

And that's all. My next blogs will be about my silk peel treatment at American Laser Skin Care, and also the story of Patrick's many nicknames: Pether Becky Putnik.

See you soon!

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Workout Wednesday: Get Some Gear

I've never understood the girls who show up at the gym with makeup and hair done. When I go to the gym, it is not to impress anyone or to look attractive. In fact, I think my goal is to make myself look like an absolute train wreck. I want some physical indication that I worked hard.

So it used to be that when I went to work out, I just worked out in my grubby lounge clothes. Anything extra I had that was comfortable, and that I didn't mind getting soaked in sweat. Because, why look cute, right? Why spend money on clothes that I was going to get all sweaty?

I've had a change in heart in the past year or so of exercising. I have realized that what I wear when I exercise makes a huge difference in how I feel and how I perform. With this, I'm talking both about function and aesthetics.

First, function. Before I exercise, I decide what I'm going to do, and choose my clothes based on those activities. Let me give you an example. If I decide that I'm doing yoga, naturally, I'll put on yoga pants or shorts. I also will wear a tighter fitting tank top. Why? Because loose clothes in yoga don't work for me. Having a loose shirt roll up to my face when I'm doing the downward dog just isn't ideal. Heaven forbid I go to a yoga class and give everyone a free show. Gross. I also preferred tight clothes in my surfboard fitness class.

I like to wear tight capris when I'm running. My best running outfit was the one I wore in my half marathon. It's the same one I wore on my weekly long runs. Why? The fabric clung to me in a way that didn't chafe. My tank was a wicking tank, never staying wet or absorbing water. I had nothing flying off of my body or creating any kind of wind resistance. I don't like shorts because my thighs would chafe, giving me heat rash. I got both parts of my favorite running outfit at Ross, actually!

If I'm going to do sit-ups or squats or anything else, I pick the clothes that allow me to do those things best.

I'm getting to a point now that I realize you often get what you pay for. For instance, I went to Kohl's a couple of months ago and checked the clearance rack in the fitness area. I got two pairs of Fila running capris. They fit, and they're cute!, but they're constantly falling down. The legs don't cling like they should, so I'm constantly having to pull them up during a run. It's not fun. I paid like $15 for each pair, so I can't say I'm surprised. That wasn't anything I could have predicted happening when I tried them on.

I have two pairs of Jockey capris I got at Gordman's. They were cheap. They're not stretchy enough. They don't work when I have to do crossfit situps because I'm worried about the crotch ripping. There's no give.

It's probably best to find a good pair of bottoms that will last you a long time that works for as many activities as possible. Pay a couple of extra bucks for them. Unless you're lucky and find an awesome pair at Ross.

Secondly, I've changed my mind about aesthetics in gym clothes. I think what we wear is important, to work or on a date or during a workout. I will say that I have come to enjoy wearing a cute gym getup. I've learned that when you feel like you look good, your confidence soars, and you just do things better. So when I get my best bottoms on and throw on the cute neon pink tank my grandma got me at Old Navy with my matching pink Altras, I'm going to rock that Zumba class like I've never rocked it before. I don't see a need to get done up or do my makeup, but I submit that cute, flattering, or motivating gear makes a huge difference. When I used to wear my "Wal-Mart shopper" outfit, or if that offends you, my "frump girl" clothes, I didn't feel like I looked good. I felt gross, and it worked against me. I still worked hard, of course, but I didn't get that extra energy that comes from feeling good about how I look. Does anyone else know what I mean, or am I just making crazy talk?

I've just been much happier wearing fun, colorful, cute clothes for my workouts.

Cute pink shirt from my grandma. Green shirt also from grandma. She's always lookin' out for my fashion. Took these pics for her.

Awesome shirt from my mom.

I like my purple Nike shirt. I got it on clearance, and it's a wicking shirt too.

Those bras were $3 each at Gordman's. Good find. 

So people, make yourself a budget for gym clothes and get some functional, cute clothes. It will make a big difference in your workout.