Sunday, October 19, 2014

Fall Break in Review

On Thursday morning we had a really late start. We decided to head to the Park Café in Salt Lake for a very late breakfast. I had my usual biscuits and gravy with eggs over medium and sausage. Patrick got the Michigan hash—his fave.

I noticed two tables down from me was none other than the owner/operator of one of my favorite Instagram accounts--@dallassrae. She’s so dang cute in person. I said nothing for two reasons: 1. She was at breakfast, and I didn’t want to bug her. 2. I was scared. But mostly reason number two. I mean look at this girl.

After that, we walked over to Liberty Park toward the Tracy Aviary. I had free admission there with my Connect pass. We really enjoyed our time. Patrick loved feeding the ducks, swans, and pigeons using the quarter operated food dispenser. He even ended up holding a pigeon on his hand. They weren’t afraid at all. Them were some bold pigeons, I tell ya!

After the Aviary, we went to Jordan Commons and saw The Judge. It was long, but we both really enjoyed it. And can I say how much more I enjoy Megaplex popcorn than Cinemark popcorn? There, I said it. Their butter is better, and they don’t use as much salt. I think I’m sensitive to salt, like my dad. Sad story.

For dinner we got Noodles and Co. I believe we spent the rest of the evening watching Gold Rush reruns.

On Friday, I ran 3.1 miles in the morning. We went and got donuts and Starbucks, bought movie tickets for a Fury showing later that night, and headed up to the University of Utah for the Natural History Museum of Utah. I used my Connect pass to get in for free. Patrick had to pay. We started at the top floor and made our way down. The photography of Utah landscapes on the top floor was so, so impressive. Some were so beautiful. 

Also on the top floor was a cultural display about American Indians in Utah. That kind of stuff and the history of what was done to them always makes me very sad. Seeing all of the moccasins and tools and baby carriers was awesome, though.

We went outside to the rooftop, but the air quality was bad, so my picture isn't super impressive.

On the next floor down, we saw a bunch of biological stuff. There were taxidermied animals (cougar, wolf, etc), and the displays were really cool and interactive. There was also a huge sea turtle shell and a Galapagos turtle shell.

There was a display on Utah’s historically changing landscapes and things. I especially liked the floor with all the ancient Native stuff from 1000 or more years ago. Seeing their tools, jewelry, bowls, shoes, weapons, and all that was awesome.

I loved seeing the big dinosaur fossils and learning about the theories of what caused the deaths of 70 dinosaurs at the Cleveland-Lloyd Quarry in Utah. Dinosaurs and mammoths and saber toothed tigers and huge sloths seriously amaze me. I stand in awe at the creatures that have ruled this planet.

I’m just so glad we were able to go. I really enjoy stuff like that. 

After the museum, we went to use my deal at Mulan Chinese restaurant in Sandy. Therefore, my meal was free (only paid $1 previously). You guys like all my free activities? I impress myself. Too bad Patrick doesn’t appreciate it as much. Patrick loved Mulan’s orange chicken, rice, and egg roll. My lo mein wasn’t too bad either. It seemed like really high quality food for just a fast food place.

We hung out for a couple of hours at my apartment. Then Rachel picked us up to go see Fury. I won’t say too much on it. I liked the movie, but it wasn’t something I needed to see. It was obviously terribly violent, and full of really bad language. I don’t know that I needed to be any more disturbed by war than I already am.

After that I needed some ice cream to feel better about humanity, so we went to Farr’s and made fun of Corey Feldman and Marky Mark for a while.

Saturday morning, I went to Zumba. I ran lots of errands (had to pick up some amazing booties on sale at Payless), some Stevia at Whole Foods, some Cetaphil lotion because my face is dying, and a free workout shirt at Gordman’s. Then I picked up my fall decorations out of my storage unit. I also did four loads of laundry that day.

Then I went over to Patrick’s place, and we went to get some lunch at Firehouse Subs. We spent most of the day just hanging out on his couch. We watched Cool Runnings and talked. I rolled and baked the last of the sugar cookie dough. I also read through the lesson I had to give in Relief Society. I went home around 10.

This morning I prepared my lesson for church and also my lessons for work. I spent a considerable amount of time making a final test for my students on affixes and commonly confused words. I got ready for church. Church was good—all three talks were going to be on the SAME conference talk (Elder Klebingat’s). I thought that was funny. The last speaker picked a different talk at the last second (Elder Holland’s). I only got to sit in the last few minutes of Sunday School, but Danya bore a powerful testimony of Christ.

My Relief Society lesson went pretty well. Everyone had some impressive insights and experiences to share. I always enjoy teaching.

Patrick made us a delicious dinner of potatoes, zucchini, and tequila lime chicken. A German chocolate cake is waiting to be frosted while we watch the latest episode of the Walking Dead. All in all, it was a good fall break, due in large part to the great company I had. I got some much needed sleep, and did lots of fun things.

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