Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Fact: As difficult as I know it will be, I'm yearning for a family and for motherhood right now.

Fact: I miss all of my friends I used to celebrate Christmas with. We used to have a really fun time, and we were all really good at giving good gifts to each other.

Fact: I love giving gifts. I consider it a talent of mine. But I only really enjoy it when I know people well and have put a lot of thought into something they'd enjoy. I have almost no one left outside of my family who I feel I can do that for.

Fact: Someone stole my 3-hole puncher. Honestly? Why would you want to steal that?

Fact: I was very mad at and mean to my students today. I feel bad.

Fact: Almost no one came to Enrichment tonight.

Fact: Elf is a funny movie, no matter how few people are there (and no matter how many times you see it).

Fact: I'm finding joy in that it's December and there is no snow!

Fact: My heart is still broken. I don't know what it will take to unbreak it.

Fact: I want something or someone to take care of. I miss my rabbit a lot. :(

Fact: I figured out that the sideways picture thing is because iPhoto saves pictures elsewhere after editing (Modified folder, not Originals). My bad.

Fact: I enjoy funny people.

Fact: My mom bought me three new books the other night. I can't seem to put down Ender's Game.

Fact: I have more clearly come to realize the presence and effect of the Spirit in my life, and particularly appreciate it when I feel it's not with me.

Fact: My students' papers are better this time, on the whole.

Fact: I'm sad about not being home for Christmas or doing Christmas baking this year.

Fact: I still really miss my friends.

Fact: I need to go to bed.


amelia said... there a friend dressed as David Bowie? HA!

It is always so hard to lose a group of truly great friends.

Hambone Jacobs said...

I love you Janae. You want to come over and watch a Christmas movie this week? I am kinda of feeling the same as you. I lost a ton of my friends too. Will you be my friend? I knew you would! :) Miss you girlfriend. Let's plan. :)

Rachel said...

"Fact: Elf is a funny movie, no matter how few people are there (and no matter how many times you see it)."

This is indeed true, and I would have come watched it with you!

And Tanner's face in that picture will remain a classic long after all classics have died out.

Yay for Ender's Game--the book good enough on its own that it doesn't need to be made into a movie.