Thursday, December 31, 2009


"A person can be lonely even if he is loved by many people, because he is still not the 'One and Only' to anyone." - Anne Frank

Well, as I've already discussed in my blog, being able to love and care for somebody is what makes me happy. So naturally, I've felt really lonely recently. It's especially worse during the winter.

In times like these, I try to comfort myself by remembering the people that do love me. Though, like Anne Frank says, it's not the same, it does provide some reassurance. I found these pictures last time I was home.

My parents, back in the day.

Apparently they couldn't take good pictures because they didn't have immediate results to tell them that my dad's eyes were half closed. But hey, we're cute anyway!

My mommy and me.

Dad teaching me all he knows.


This one is my favorite. It shows my dad in his most unrestrained state of love for me. Now that I'm 22 he can't really do that to me.

Happy Easter, bedhead Dad.

Daddy-daughter Girl Scout dance.

My grandpa adores me too. When I got to the house in New York on the 20th, my grandpa saw me and got all teary-eyed and happy. It was so precious.

Seeing all of these people who love me then reminds me of Someone else who loves me. He never leaves me.

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StacyB said...

These pictures are priceless, and so are your thoughts. I love you!