Friday, January 23, 2009

To Take or Not to Take...

I want to take Polynesian Dance in the spring.

Tuition is $209 per credit hour for spring.

Dance = .5 credits. So $104.50? I'm not sure if it works that way.

I am also thinking about taking bowling. Also .5 credit. This is what I should expect. A skill test and a written test. Will it take the fun out of bowling? I'm not sure.

Dance? Bowling? Just dance? Both?


Also, keep me in your prayers. I'm a big faker, and I feel everything but stable right now. Thanks.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Something Positive?

I need to focus on good things or I will die today.

My Fall grades are one good thing...

I might take Polynesian dance in the spring.

I have a good job in a time of economic crisis.

I saw and heard a flock of geese flying over me last night; I got out of my car just in time to see them.

There is sunshine today, and the birds are chirping and singing.

I finished a fabulous novel.

I always have more steam than I think.

I have an amazing friend named Rachel who is 110% there for me, supportive of me, and honest with me.

I have a knowledge of the true and lasting gospel of Jesus Christ, my Savior.

I can fix everything that's wrong through Him.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Because I'm Five Feet Tall

So here's the thing: My office (Institutional Assessment and Analysis) just moved.

We moved from the BEST location on campus. I'm convinced. The only thing that may have come close to a better location would be the library, since it's near pretty much everything.

(Faculty Office Building--near everything else, circled in red. Abraham Smoot Building--away from everything else, X-shaped, circled in green.)

We were at the Faculty Office Building. This location was ideal because:

It was located right at the top of the stairs I climb up to get onto campus (so I could drop my food off at work in the morning before class).

It was located 30 seconds away from the Joseph F. Smith Building (JFSB), where, as an English major, most of my classes are held.

I could avoid crowds because, hey, my office was right across the street from everything. Let me just digress for a moment here about how I am so NOT a large crowd type of person. It's been so frustrating to arrive to class all sweaty with my shins hurting. I have to walk in this huge crowd of sheep that migrates at the speed of a vagrant pushing a shopping cart. And I can't see anything ahead of me because... Oh yeah... I'm five feet tall! Grr. Thanks, ASB, for making me take ten minute walks in annoying crowds.

It was no more than a three minute walk from every other building I may have needed to go to--the SWKT, the MCKB, the JKB, and the Brimhall.

It was easy access for visitors to drive in and pick me up or see me (not that that happens much anymore).

I could maximize my work time because my walking-to-and-from-class time was minimal.

As sad as I am to have left, I thought it might be good to point out one or two advantages of this move.

One is that if I have important things to take care of, like turning in my graduation application or taking care of fees or getting my transcripts--that all happens in this building.

The other good thing is that the parking lot I now park in is about a 4-minute, non-sweaty walk from the office (rather than at the top of 101 stairs).

I have a very cool corner desk:

With a view of campus. Sweet.

Finally, since this building is super old, we have antique hand dryers. This might sound silly, but look how cool these things are!

Might I add that there is this little sign on the top about rotating the dryer:

Multi-functioning antique hand dryers? It doesn't get any better. Plus, I don't even have to rotate it to get it to blow in my face, why? Oh yeah... Because I'm five feet tall.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Love and Security

It's weird how having someone that you love and who loves you back, having that special someone, that significant other, completely alters everything.

No matter where you are, what you're doing, or how you look, you feel safe and secure. You never feel alone. Someone is waiting to hear all about your day. Someone is waiting to hug you and kiss you. Someone is waiting to find out what you two are going to do for dinner. Someone appreciates your random phone call.

Then when that is gone... When it's taken away, suddenly the world is huge.

The spaces around you are enormous.

The people around you are looking at you, evaluating you.

And for the first time in a long time, you actually care.

You don't have that security and that love anymore, so you focus on the terrible things some stranger might be thinking about you.

Suddenly it matters that you have a bad hair day or that you're not wearing makeup.

Suddenly you've got no one to call on the spur of the moment.

And your Friday night plans are not assumed, or even existent at all.

Suddenly, you feel more alone than you've ever felt.