Wednesday, May 30, 2012


This week has been absolutely insane. And it's only Wednesday. And I had Monday off. Uh?

Yesterday I had work. I stayed for a while after work because I was doing my last interview with a student and her mom for my class. After that, I went home and headed to the gym, in spite of getting less than 5 hours of sleep Monday night. I came home, packed up all my books in boxes, and carried them down to my car from my third floor apartment. By myself. Books, people. Books. I got really sweaty, don't worry about that.

Today I worked my BUTT off. You would think that having class parties would be pretty easy. It is, if you want your room to be a landfill at the end of the day. If you want a controlled, minimally messy, fair (non-welfare food taking) situation, it takes a lot of work. On top of coordinating the food eating and cleaning up, I had to have my kids do a bunch of housekeeping (cleaning out folders, trashing old papers, etc.). I managed to finish grading and entering my last class of essays, plus all my homeroom kids' work. This means grades are done! I had to babysit another teacher's class on my prep period for her to go to 9th grade Lagoon day. I spent the latter part of the day doing more housekeeping and packing up of my classroom. I left work and followed Tommie to the storage place. We got our unit, and (thankfully) she helped me get my 11 boxes into the unit. After that, I came home, got changed, and went to the gym, where I did some reading for my class on the elliptical. I left the gym, then spent about an hour and a half doing my 5 page long interview write-up for my class while eating dinner. Afterward, I put on So You Think You Can Dance (a half hour late, sadly), while I packed more stuff up in my apartment. I got all my holiday stuff organized and in boxes and loaded into my car, with some other things getting stored away. Around 9:30 I finished that, then I did dishes. Then I spent half an hour doing yesterday's and today's scripture reading (which were amazing chapters, by the way, so it's OK). And in the few spare minutes between then and now, I pinned a few things on Pinterest and read a couple of blogs. Did I mention I am still in my gym clothes? And I'm hungry again. Wow. I think I need a break.

But nope. Tomorrow is work, more storage unit drop-offs, gym, and a few hours devoted to my church calling responsibilities. On Friday, just add an oil change and a first-meeting date thing into the mix.

Not to mention my classroom needs to be packed up and organized--things off tables, desks, shelves, etc., because the carpet is getting cleaned this summer. I've had just about enough of boxes and packing, people. Seriously. And I'm not even close to being done.

I'm trying to keep in mind that it will all be worth it with the money I will save. And it is nice to actually toss/donate some things and get organized with all the stuff I'm keeping. Feels good.

Sonic shake, anyone?

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Sometimes, Always, Never: First Date Touching

My friend Danica has a series of blog posts wherein she does fashion yeses and nos. She makes me laugh, and sometimes I have seen myself represented in the things she says not to do. But that's why it's funny, right?

So today I've decided to write a blog about touching on the first date. I'd like to preface this post by saying I am just not a very physically affectionate person. I can be, if I am in a comfortable relationship, and that person needs my affection to feel loved. But my natural inclination is not to touch or hug people when I see them, family included. This makes my life very difficult and oftentimes uncomfortable. So here we go.


Reach for the hand. This is if there is some serious chemistry going on, and you both get the mutual vibe that you like each other.

Men, this is a good time to add that if you're going to do the hand holding thing, make sure your hands aren't clammy. This is a huge turn off. To everyone. Everyone.

That guy has a hairy arm.

You can also sometimes make the move of putting your hand on the small of her back. That might be OK. It depends on the situation, and on whether you're being pushy.


Extend your elbow. This is not too forward but is also extremely classy and old-fashioned. I'm a fan. I think this gesture is incredibly gentlemanly. If I didn't like you before, you probably gained 10 points this way.

It could lead to this!


On a first date, never lean in for the kiss. What is the harm in leaving that for another day? It builds anticipation. Plus you have to let someone's impression of you sink in. Come on. That's too much pressure, and you've let on that you have weird expectations when you take a girl out.

Never tickle a girl's knee, or touch her leg at all. It's awkward.

Never run your hand up the back of a girl's head to muss her hair. Seriously. She did her hair, you should not touch it. Also, that's a potentially passionate move, hands all up in each other's hair in the middle of a hot moment. Not appropriate.

And for me, never touch my face. I'm not kidding. I don't know you, and I don't want your hand germs on my face.

All of this is a serious matter of success in dating, gentlemen. Let's just go the patient, gentlemanly route, shall we?

Saturday, May 19, 2012

My Lovely Saturday

Today was just so, so lovely.

I woke up at 8:30 and went to clean the church at 9. That took about an hour.

I got home and called Raytch to see if she wanted to go on a walk. If my pedometer is right (which is set for running right now and not walking, so I don't know), we walked 4 miles in about an hour! Sounds right. It was beautiful. We walked all around Murray park and through a really cute street.

The weather was perfect! ALL DAY! Oh I am so glad the spring has been so great this year!

After that Raytch asked what I was doing for lunch.

So we took a scenic route to Mikado in Cottonwood Heights. We ate some yummy Japanese food.

Vegas roll. Yummy. Burned my mouf a little. Also the tempura chafed my mouth. So my mouth took a beating today, in general.

But we ate outside because the weather was so beautiful today.

Then I wanted to walk around Target. So we did. We looked at some darling clothes and just enjoyed browsing, as usual.

She dropped me off at home, and then I cleaned my apartment. It smells lovely because of my Scentsy. Even my room and bathroom are clean. I love a clean apartment.

I read more than half of the article I need to do for homework, with my feet in the tub. I'm debating on reading the rest of it in a few minutes.

And then I met up with my friend Eileen at TGI Friday's where I used a free meal redemption from my rewards program. Oh yeah.

So now I am home in my clean, yummy-smelling apartment (it's Mandarin Mango Madness wax in case you wondered) after having spent leisurely time with amazing women eating delicious food. I'd say it was a good, good day.

Now I just need a husband who can take care of the nerve pinching situation in my neck!

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Finally A Day Off (with a sore throat)

Yep. On Thursday my throat started hurting really bad. Friday it was worse. Today it's an all-out scratchy hurty throat.

I've dealt with it with two glasses of Emergen-C, some naproxen, lemon echinacea tea with honey, and lots of water. It still hurts.

I was really looking forward to this mellow day, too!

This week:
- Monday--worked all day then apartment hunted for hours with Tommie, then we went out to dinner, I went home, read, and slept.
- Tuesday--worked all day then drove to Orem for class. Stopped at my grandma's house afterward to check on her. Came home, read, and slept.
- Wednesday--worked all day, went to the gym finally, worked some more, cooked dinner, did Relief Society visits for a couple hours, came home, read, and slept.
- Thursday--worked all day, went to the gym, had Tommie come over so we could talk more apartment logistics, went grocery shopping, came home, made crispy sweet potato fries, read, and slept.
- Friday--worked all day, felt like poop, took a nap, went to a Salt Lake Bees game, got Sub Zero ice cream, and hung out with Aaron watching TV.

And after waking up several times throughout the night, I got up around 9 today and did homework. I made cupcakes, went to the store to get milk, made the frosting, refrigerated it, made sweet potato fries, then used Rachel's piping bag to frost the cupcakes. Plus I did tons of dishes related to all of the above. But I am pretty sure I'll never frost cupcakes the same way again.

I'm no expert yet, but they still look cute! :) I was also trying this trick with the cupcakes that I found on Pinterest. Needless to say, my cupcakes spread out sideways instead of puffing up. I'll have to figure that one out some other time.

Last week was pretty busy, too, what with a 5K and whatever else I had going on. I am tired, I am sick, and I am stressed, and I am tired of getting sick from stress.

But thankfully (even though I've been cooking and baking all day), it has been a pretty low-key day for once. The weather is beautiful. I have my balcony door wide open. And life is going to be very different within a few weeks. Let's hope I can manage. And a last ditch effort to feel better before my friend's birthday party tonight: a nap.

500th Blog Post

I had some other things in mind for a post today, and maybe I'll still do one after this.

But in celebration of my 500th blog post, I'm going to be a little self indulgent.

I thought I'd just do a short one with a list of my (and other people's) top five favorite entries.

Iconically Janae. Read here about how cheap I am and how much I love free stuff.

Read a photo blog of woes here.

Overly automated bathrooms amuse me.

The elusive blueberry bagel entry.

And the ever popular tips for Blockbuster's stupid customers.

Bask in the nostalgia, people. Bask.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Mission 5K: Complete

I run. Well, sometimes.

I ran a 5K on Saturday, May 8, just down the road from my apartment at Wheeler Farm.

I was the first one there from my group because they said you should get there an hour early to get your bib and whatnot. Uh. That was not necessary. I sat around for at least half an hour till I realized I hadn't brought any music with me. So I drove home really fast and got my arm band and headphones and stuff. I'm so glad I did! I don't know what I would have done without it.

So it started, and I finished about 37 sweaty minutes later. My time was pretty awful in spite of the fact that I had just run the exact same distance in less time just the day before.

It turned out that my coworker's wife tracked it on her GPS, and it was 3.6 miles instead of 3.1. So that's officially the farthest I've ever run. Thus, the time that was worse than I anticipated. It really wasn't so bad at all, for 8:30 AM on a Saturday.

It was a rocky terrain with lots of animals about.

Overall, I enjoyed myself. It was pretty official. I had a little bib thing and received my card with my time on it and my finishing place.

I also got a medal, a fruit/nut bar (those things are so good), and half an orange that I dropped on the dirty ground. Single tear.

My coworker said it was really well done for a 5K--that usually they're not so fancy.

That is a horrible picture of me. You don't have to say it. I already know. Still, I'm the cutest girl in the picture. Ha ha. You see what I did there?

Mission 5K: complete.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Judge of Character

I have a lot of faults.

I'm sure that's news to all of you.

... just kidding.

One of them is that I can be really abrasive. Sometimes this is in the way I approach a conversation. I'll add my two cents, just thinking it's my two cents, not really worrying about how I might come off or what others might perceive. And without thinking that my opinion is more important, it's just my opinion.

What happens is that I get perceived as being dismissive.

The truth is, that I am really not. I honestly listen to what my friends have to say. And I remember most of everything they say, for a really long time. I internalize it all and can bring something up months later that they said in passing.

But I can see that I have made others feel unimportant or like they don't matter or like their opinion is less. When consciously, that is not at all what I think! I respect other people's decisions and thoughts.

Obviously, you've guessed that I'm writing this post because I recently hurt someone in this way. This person even went so far as to post about it on Facebook. The post said, "Is it lonely up there on your pedestal?"

Since I have confirmed that this was, in fact, directed at me, I have replayed the related conversation in my mind at least fifteen times, wondering what I said or did or how I came off to make this person feel that way.

My intention was not at all to be rude or snotty or demeaning or dismissive. I'd never mean to make a friend feel that way! And I feel really bad that I have.

When I "approached" this person about it, in text, since they weren't readily available for discussion, the person also added that I can be "hard to talk to at times."

Man, that is sad to hear. It makes me sad to know that a friend feels that way about me.

Have you ever had that friend who has that "one thing" that gets on everyone's nerves? And you love that friend, and sometimes it's a matter of, "Oh you know, there's that one thing, but we love her anyway." Like you just have to forgive that negative quality and love your friend?

I don't want to be that friend. The one who everyone talks about saying, "Yeah, Janae can be really _______, but it's OK. We can love her anyway." Ew. The fact that I'd have a quality that people just have to forgive and accept and "deal with"? That thought repulses me. The thought of my friends thinking that I consider myself to be on a pedestal gives me anxiety.

But I am grateful to know that this friend I speak with frequently perceives me as being dismissive or hard to talk to. This gives me a chance to be more conscious about how I might make others feel. Because when it's someone I care about, I do care about what they think. It might not come off that way, but I genuinely do.

Anyone else have a personality defect of mine for me to fix? I know you do.