Saturday, May 12, 2012

Finally A Day Off (with a sore throat)

Yep. On Thursday my throat started hurting really bad. Friday it was worse. Today it's an all-out scratchy hurty throat.

I've dealt with it with two glasses of Emergen-C, some naproxen, lemon echinacea tea with honey, and lots of water. It still hurts.

I was really looking forward to this mellow day, too!

This week:
- Monday--worked all day then apartment hunted for hours with Tommie, then we went out to dinner, I went home, read, and slept.
- Tuesday--worked all day then drove to Orem for class. Stopped at my grandma's house afterward to check on her. Came home, read, and slept.
- Wednesday--worked all day, went to the gym finally, worked some more, cooked dinner, did Relief Society visits for a couple hours, came home, read, and slept.
- Thursday--worked all day, went to the gym, had Tommie come over so we could talk more apartment logistics, went grocery shopping, came home, made crispy sweet potato fries, read, and slept.
- Friday--worked all day, felt like poop, took a nap, went to a Salt Lake Bees game, got Sub Zero ice cream, and hung out with Aaron watching TV.

And after waking up several times throughout the night, I got up around 9 today and did homework. I made cupcakes, went to the store to get milk, made the frosting, refrigerated it, made sweet potato fries, then used Rachel's piping bag to frost the cupcakes. Plus I did tons of dishes related to all of the above. But I am pretty sure I'll never frost cupcakes the same way again.

I'm no expert yet, but they still look cute! :) I was also trying this trick with the cupcakes that I found on Pinterest. Needless to say, my cupcakes spread out sideways instead of puffing up. I'll have to figure that one out some other time.

Last week was pretty busy, too, what with a 5K and whatever else I had going on. I am tired, I am sick, and I am stressed, and I am tired of getting sick from stress.

But thankfully (even though I've been cooking and baking all day), it has been a pretty low-key day for once. The weather is beautiful. I have my balcony door wide open. And life is going to be very different within a few weeks. Let's hope I can manage. And a last ditch effort to feel better before my friend's birthday party tonight: a nap.

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Rachel said...

Feel better, Janyss. I'm thinking of you!