Monday, October 6, 2014

The Goings On

I do a terrible job of remembering the things I want to write about. Then when I make time to sit and write, I got nothin'. Seriously. Nothin.

I guess I'll just use the backup which is pictures from my phone to tell of some things that have happened in the past couple of months.

In August... 

We went to Bear Lake. I took no pictures except this one at a local restaurant because I love vintage stoves. And I hate camping.

I learned how to fold a fitted sheet.

There were two snails on my apartment walkway.

Patrick and I went to Wicked.

I went to Swiss Days with my mom, grandma, aunt April, Zoey, and Tyce. I had a beautiful 3 mile run.

And I found a darling local coffee shop where I enjoyed my latte.

I just think Midway is the cutest.

I also hit 100,000 miles on my 6 year old car :(

In September...

We went to Marlene's baby shower open house.

I bought books with coupons.

I bought some shoes, and Patrick bought me some shoes.

My mom bought me a new exercise shirt.

Some girls commented on my arms on Instagram and made my day.

I burned myself with a curling iron.

I decorated my classroom.

I went to the Women's Expo at UVU with my mom and aunts. We ate at the food trucks. I had the Monte Cristo from Cravings Bistro.

Patrick and I shopped at Graywhale, and I reminisced.

I cooked kielbasa and other yummy things.

So far in October...

I started wearing scarves.

I see the moon over the mountains regularly.

I went to Patrick's family's Sunday lunch between General Conference sessions. Taco soup for the win.

Patrick snuggles his twin nephew.

And that's all. My next blogs will be about my silk peel treatment at American Laser Skin Care, and also the story of Patrick's many nicknames: Pether Becky Putnik.

See you soon!

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