Tuesday, May 25, 2010

My Kiddos

This blog is private now, so I'm allowed to do this, right?

First period. Very civilized, like usual. Then the "crazy one."

Third period. A rough bunch, I'm tellin' ya. Then the "crazy" picture.

Fourth. My best behaved. :) And their "crazy" side.

For some reason my flash was pitching a fit in 5th so they're kind of blurry. My smallest and most fun class. And their "crazy" picture.

Sixth period, acting like they're civilized. Wrongo. Although, they are my smartest class. Here is their natural state:

7th period. Sometimes impossible. But probably my funniest class, by far.

Someone else took these ones because I was gone at an interview.

Oh, and my grandma got me a new shirt.

Thanks, Grandma!

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StacyB said...

Great pics of your "kiddos" from your first year of teaching. And a darling shirt on a gorgeous girl. Who has THE BEST Grandma ever?