Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Happy Thoughts

Iron Man 2 comes out this week. Oh man. Tony Stark/Sherlock Holmes/Robert D., Jr... You are my husband. You're probably #30 or something. But you ARE my husband.

Those of you who disagree, I'd like to see YOU read the whole Rolling Stone article this month and still love him. I know him better than all of you.

Instead of suffering from exhaustion on Friday (I work both jobs) from a midnight showing, I'm going to a matinee on Saturday morning, hopefully with my cousin.

Glee is probably the best show in the world. Take that home. Chew it.

Robin Hood is coming out soon. Ridley Scott and Russell Crowe, again? I submit that this is a recipe for success, people. Success. May is like movie madness!

Teacher appreciation week this week. Free foods and gifts and five-minute massages and fun things? Yes please!

Block days doing the DRP instead of using my voice reading all day? M-hm.

Sweet deal on a Mother's Day gift? Oh yeah.

Reading the Outsiders with my students? The best! I freaking love this book but am excited to have it done tomorrow. And we'll watch the movie on Thursday.

I have basically no grading to do lately. It is awesome.

It was beautiful and sunny this evening.

Oh yeah. Let's not forget that I have 18 days left of teaching. Muahaha. And then I get paid to do what I want!

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StacyB said...

You won't get through the movie in one day...but yay for The Outsiders ~ and better to watch a movie after reading the book. The kids will realize that the book is always better. Xoxo