Sunday, October 30, 2011

Term 1 Grades

So the past couple of years I have had a huge struggle with how many of my kids couldn't pass my class. Even with grade weights in their favor (as in, all you had to do to pass was CLASS WORK!), I was getting about a third of all my kids failing.

As I described in previous blogs, I have made some changes to help my kids just by building in a little more structure. If you recall, I pondered whether it would help student grades.

Well, term 1 grades are posted. The verdict is in.

I have 63 out of 192 students with an A grade. That's 33%! A third of my students have an A! I think I had maybe two or three students per class last year with an A. This is amazing!

I have 20 out of 192 students with an F grade. That's just over 10%. Most of my classes only have two or three Fs. My 3A and 4B have 5 and 6 Fs, respectively. There's just not much I can say for these kids when I handed them a detailed grade printout and told them to come talk to me--and with many of them, even providing them a detailed packet that they could turn in. The obviously elected not to do it, in spite of the extreme measures I took to help them pass.

These numbers obviously leave 109 out of 192 students passing with a B, C, or D grade. So combined with the A kids, 90% of my students are passing my class! This is cause for celebration, people!

This year, behavior issues are almost nonexistent for me. This combined with the fact that so many of these kids are achieving leaves me with more energy to intervene with my struggling students.

I am so happy to have a group of kids that behaves, that works hard, and that's making me love my job this year. I'm sure a lot of the changes I have built in play a big role in their achievement, but if I'm being totally honest, this is just a great group!

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