Wednesday, June 24, 2015

I Trained, I Sweated, I Ran

Well, I committed to a race in February, and I blogged a little about the training. It was a 12 week schedule. And I accidentally started a week early. So I ended up repeating week 8 (or was it 9?).

Anyway, I drove down to Alpine and had my stuff all ready to go. I was pretty disappointed that there were only THREE outhouses. Granted, there were not that many runners, but still. You know that everyone is going to pee before they run 13.1 miles.

I was grateful that the weather, which was predicted as rain, was actually clear and lovely.

I enjoyed my run. I stopped for water several times. I even slowed to take pictures when I was close to the mountain.

One major hiccup was at mile 10. With only 5K left to go, my Bluetooth headphones died. They straight up died. They didn't beep due to low battery. Nothing. Just suddenly the music stopped. I am probably much too dependent on music for my runs. I ended up holding my phone in my hand with the music on speaker so I could finish.

I ended up finishing at 2:15:04, which was over 15 minutes faster than my first half. And I placed 107 out of 189 overall, which isn't that exciting. I finished at 11 out of 39 in my division (females 20-29). And 55 out of 114, all females.

Here are some photos. :)

With my awesome fan club! :) They've come to both of my races. Thank you ladies!

13 days engaged in this picture. 

I got my medal.

When you run 13.1, you get Kneaders after.

I had no real repercussions from this race. It was mostly uphill. My knees were great. My stomach hurt a little when I was done; I only used one packet of fuel (which was baby food, as always). All I lost was one toenail.

I've been running consistently ever since. I think I may try to train for a full marathon when I'm 30. It's not that I don't think I can do it. It's that it takes up so much time! But maybe after settling into marriage for a little while, I'll be able to do it.

I love running.

If anyone ever needs present ideas for me, I need these types of headbands (super thick band). And these shirts are ah-mazing.

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