Saturday, February 21, 2009

I'm 22

In spite of the fact that I had my camera with me, I got no pictures on my 22nd birthday.

Age is such a weird thing. It's like you never feel older, but when you think of everything you've done, learned, experienced, how you've grown, who you've met, you realize you are a very different (and hopefully better) person than you were a year ago.

I'm not so sure if I am better than a year ago. I might be in some ways. I know I'm better than I was two years ago! That's an encouraging thought.

In any case, this last birthday (11 days ago) was a very different one for me. Someone very important to me was not there like he had been for two birthdays previous... That is a long time to know someone.

But those who love me tried to make it a good birthday for me anyway! And it was.

I received lots and lots of messages, wall posts, and comments online wishing me a happy birthday.

In the morning I had a class at 8 o'clock. My friend Brianne stood up when class was over and handed me a package of Caramel Ghirardelli chocolates and Dove Promise chocolates and a huge bottle of Pepsi (because she recalled my saying I like Pepsi better than Coke)... She remembered my birthday which I had mentioned in passing a week or two before. It was a small gesture, but it meant so much to me that she remembered!

I went to work and my boss/friend Tracy walked in carrying a bag of Dove chocolates with almonds and a twelve pack of Vanilla Coke Zero because she knows I like it. Another cute gesture on her part, remembering my birthday when I hadn't even mentioned it.

I got home that evening and had three red balloons and a "Happy Birthday" balloon attached to my nightstand from my roommate/friend Cara. It was a very fun surprise.

Rachel, Cara, Amber, my mom, and I went to Carrabba's for dinner. Cody came too after his class. He brought me a cute card and a soy wax candle. Amber brought me some Pear body butter from Victoria's Secret, foaming Coconut Lime Verbena soap and peppermint lip gloss from Bath and Body Works. Thanks you guys :)

Dinner was mouthwateringly good. My mom came back to our apartment where Rachel had a card made for me with an iTunes gift card in it. She had also bought me a delicious cake from Cold Stone. So good. Cara got me a card and a Target gift card. I love Target. If I could marry a store, it would be Target. And if I participated in polyandry, I'd also marry Big! Lots.

My grandma gave me a card with a $50 gift certificate to the mall. That was way too much, and I completely wasn't expecting that at all. But I am excited to get myself a new outfit or two.

I also got some cards from Allyn, Kristina, and my grandpa Mike.

My mom got me some Simple shoes which are super comfortable--even though they're not as cute as my slip-ons ;) They're eco-friendly. That makes me happy. She also got me some new pajama pants, some socks, and a pen that annoyingly sings the BYU fight song. haha. She is funny.

A couple other random updates... My grandpa has officially started chemo, so if you can remember him in your prayers, that would be great. If you could keep me in your prayers too, that would also be appreciated. I've had a pretty rough, emotional, and confusing month and a half or so--partly my own fault, but we live and learn, right?

For those who don't know, I did sign up for both bowling and Polynesian dance for the spring.

And my aunt April just had a super cute baby.

Some "best things":

1. In-N-Out is coming to Draper. Though I don't imagine that I'll be driving 30 minutes to wait 2 hours for food with the rest of northern Utah. I'll just get my fill when I go home.

2. I think I am heading home on a road trip for a few days with Rachel when this semester is over. That would be a fun thing to look forward to.

3. I'm also excited for Rachel's birthday. I got her some fun presents and am excited to give them to her.

4. And I'm grateful for the sunshine and melting snow outside.

5. I did a good job cutting my bangs today which makes me feel slightly more attractive.

6. My new favorite website is Goodreads. It's helping me connect with people and keep track of the books I need to read. Believe you me, there are a lot.


Bri!!! said...

I totally would marry Target too! I laughed out loud at that one. In and out is coming to UTAH??? Oh my husband will be a very happy boy.

amelia said...

Love Goodreads. Rumor: In-N-Out is looking at two other sites, supposedly one in American Fork and another in West Valley.

April said...

Well, it sounds like you had a pretty fun birthday! What nice friends you have too! BTW, it's official...In-N-Out is coming to American Fork, so now you only have to drive 15-20 minutes to get it! It'll be a long wait too...hopefully they'll get smart and get them in just about every city, like California!!!

Rachel said...

What the 22? What are our lives coming to...