Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Give Me A Break

This is yet another one of those weeks. I seriously can’t believe these keep happening to me. I feel like there was a point not too long ago where I watched a lot of TV episodes on Netflix because I had no other way to spend my evenings.

Here’s what Janae’s life looks like:

-Work 7:15-3:45
-Gym 4:30-5:30
-Quickly throw two dozen cookies into the oven for Sub 4 Santa auction
-Heat up some canned soup. Inhale it real fast.
-Go to Family Home Evening to see how much my cookies go for
-Stay for one hour of a ridiculously slow moving auction
-Find out later my 24 cookies sold for $11!
-Skype with a cute boy
-Watch two episodes of Arrested Development instead of sleeping
-Sleep 12-6 AM

-Work 7:20-3:20
-Drive 45 minutes to Orem for class
-While driving, call supervisors to get Visiting Teaching reported for tomorrow
-Grab a huge fountain Coke Zero at the gas station due to exhaustion
-Class from 4:45-7:00 PM
-Ice cream date in Orem at 7:30
-Drive 40 minutes home to Murray
-Get home at 10 PM
-Skype with a cute boy

-Leave house at 6:35 AM
-Meeting for one student at 7 AM (where the parents didn't actually show up, thanks for that...)
-Meeting for another student at 7:30 AM
-Work the normal day until 3:30 PM
-Feel exhausted and poopy due to a monthly occurrence I experience
-Skip the gym due to said crappiness
-Work on lesson plans from 5:00-6:20 (that's right now...)
-Work on visiting teaching (church calling) from 6:30-8 (hopefully not longer)
-Watch Arrested Development instead of sleeping (1-2 episodes)

-Work 7:20-2:45
-Quickly drive from Kearns to the east side
-Novels committee meeting 3:00-5:00 PM
-Gym if I’m brave and energetic 5:30-6:30 (probably won’t happen)
-Watch my show instead of sleeping (1-2 episodes)

-Work 7:20-3:15
-Gym 4:00-5:00
-Freedom!!!! (I'll probably loser around and watch Arrested Development, or start my case study below)

-Work on Case Study report for my class (this seriously will be an all day thing)
-Clean apartment
-Do laundry

I also have to enter participation points for last week and have lots of papers to grade (reciprocal teaching worksheet for six classes, prefix/suffix Pictionary, and late work). I’ve got to update my absent packet. Midterm grades need to be submitted on Friday (Sunday at the latest).

I don't imagine life will be any easier with three or four or five more people to worry about. Husband and kids just don't sound super appealing. My life is plenty, thanks.


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