Sunday, August 25, 2013

The Encounter

I went to the Big Ass Show on Saturday with a couple of awesome friends (Eileen and Whitney).

We saw
- Dear Hunter
- Family of the Year
- Pepper
- Capital Cities
- Blue October
- The Airborne Toxic Event
- Panic! at the Disco

It was loads of fun. Pepper and Family of the Year were good to dance to. The Panic singer was both funny and horribly cocky and un-funny at the same time.

And while this day was great, this is all beside the point. Why? Because I was wearing this:

I figured we would be outside, in 90 plus degree weather. It's a concert. Why wouldn't I wear a tank and shorts? I normally try to strike a balance. For example, if I'm wearing pants, I am OK wearing a tank. If I'm wearing shorts, I try to have short sleeves at the very least. But today I made an exception.

After Whitney left, Eileen and her friend went to the meet and greet for Panic! While I sat and waited for them, a former student came walking up to me.

Student: Hello.
Me: WTF OMG oh no why are you saying hi to me please go away Hi. How are you?
Student: Good.
Me: I saw you on my roll this week, but you weren't in class, how come?
Student: I go to a different school now.
Me: Oh, well you should let Jefferson know so they can take you off their rolls. How was your summer?
Student: Good.
Me: This is the most ridiculous "conversation" ever. Why did you even come up to me? ...
Student: *walks away*
Me: Bye, (student).

Oh yeah. Remember that time I was wearing about half as much as I usually wear to work, and a former student came up to me and said hello at a concert? Why do these things happen? Why?

God further reinforced my punishment for dressing scandalously by blessing us with a vicious rainstorm.

Got it, Daddy-O. I won't wear a tank top and shorts in public anymore.

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Lisa Petrarca said...

Lol! You're too funny Nae! They probably thought…WOW my teacher is such a teacher at school but away from school she's a cool lady!;D