Tuesday, March 3, 2009


I went private with my blog for a grand total of 14 hours. I am seriously considering going with it permanently. It's only public right now because it's a lot of work to try to email everyone who I want to be allowed to read my blog.

I'm making a disclaimer, though.

My blogs are my feelings, my perspectives, and nothing more. All I know is how I feel and how I see things. If I don't feel it is appropriate for me to discuss why I feel a certain way, then I won't do it. Thus, my last (and now deleted) blog.

I never felt that on my blog I should have to justify my feelings. I don't like feeling like I have no right to feel a certain way. And therefore I don't like feeling like I should censor myself.

I do have a right to feel and think as I do, and if there's one thing I'm learning right now, it's that everyone has a motive or a reason--reasons for thinking, feeling, reacting, and living in certain ways. I think it's easy to forget that--easy to forget to ask "why?"

I prefer to write in a place where I feel safe, where people know me, or where they at least seek to understand me. I don't write to get judged or to have people make assumptions, good or bad.

But... This is the internet. People do that anyway. People don't necessarily want to know why you may have said something or why you may feel a certain way. And of course they won't take the time to ask, if it's easier to assume.

So just a plea before I make any decisions about how private I'm going with this blog... Be kind. Be Christ-like. Don't judge. Love. Ask. Give people the benefit of the doubt. If you read, it's probably because you care, so these things should be automatic, I think.

Thanks for reading, and sorry for upsetting anyone. It is for this reason and my not wanting to self-censor that I may go private on my blog.

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StacyB said...

Go permanent on Private. A disclaimer does no good when you wish for only certain people to read your deepest feelings. Take the time to type in those you wish to see your thoughts.