Thursday, March 26, 2009

Toilets and Towels

I just had a flashback of when I had food poisoning which seems not too long ago. It was a year and twelve days ago, to be exact. Feels like yesterday, and I kind of wish it were for a few reasons. It's funny what happens in a year. And thank heaven I went into such detail. What would you all have done without it?

A lot happens even in just a few weeks... Because it was just over four weeks ago that some things didn't go very well at all for me. Four weeks is not a long time at all. Neither is two. It's just interesting how fast life moves, especially when you don't want it to. And it's interesting how slowly feelings fade, especially when you do want them to.

I digress. Because I know you all loved my detailed bathroom experiences of a year ago, I thought I'd share another.

Let's say that you live in an apartment with three people, two of which are your friends. The other one you share a bathroom with and therefore can't be as open about certain things.

Let's just say.

Let's say, too, that you have a yellow towel, and your bathroom-sharing roommate has a pink one.

Let's also say that you take three seconds every morning to fold your soft yellow towel into thirds very nicely and hang it on the towel rack, utilizing less than half of its length.

Let's say that when you use the facilities later that day, you see this:

Can't see it? Let's zoom in, shall we?

Would this bother you?

Because it bothers me.

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