Thursday, March 12, 2009

It's a brand new day...

Things that make me happy today...

Feeling comfortable with and excited about the junior high where I will be spending the next year plus of my life teaching seventh graders!

Seeing the moon over the mountains to the west this morning. It looked so awesome. I wish our eyeballs could take pictures.

My dad--for being encouraging and offering perspective.

My brother Jason--for making me laugh and being supportive.

Yoasis. It is delicious and healthy. May as well keep off the weight that I accidentally lost.

AMAZING weather--clear blue skies and 43°.

Friends and family who love and accept rather than judge and reject.

Fantastic music. Those old rock 'n roll classics that made up my childhood put me in a good place in the morning. As does Joshua Radin.

A good new picture for my new BYU student ID card. Finally. The old picture was indescribably terrible.

Scriptures and prayer.

Several hours straight of confidence and determination.


Edna--She's a grandma, but she's a champ--tell you what.

My ridiculous purchase of a 10 lb bag of Ghirardelli Barista dark chocolate mini chips. Sorry, but I was getting a little tired of paying a dollar for 1 oz. of this topping every time I visited Red Mango.

This may be one of the most ridiculous purchases I have ever made. But guess what? I have no one to spend my money on anymore, and I'm buyin' mahself a huge bag of chocolate chips. What now?

Dog the Bounty Hunter. I know I watch the weirdest shows of anyone I know. But I just enjoy these A&E pleasures so immensely. What would I do without Criss Angel, Dog, or Gene Simmons? Be lonelier, that's what!

My co-workers both on campus and at Blockbuster. They are so awesome, and they make work fun and safe for me. I am so lucky to know all these people.

I am happy that my emotions do not cause me to overeat. Really.

Movies. They take me away and make me feel sane. My own personal therapy.

Spring! It's coming! It's coming! A tan is on the way! So is bowling class and dance class!

The possibility of a No Doubt concert. I shall decide very soon. Very, very soon.

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StacyB said...

Yay!!! for splurging on genuine chocolate chips and a No Doubt concert ticket. You are now officially the daughter we raised!