Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Progress is My Fave!

I'm sure if you know me in person, or if you read my blog regularly, you know that progress is my goal in life. I love checklists and I love writing things down that I have done so that I feel like I've gotten somewhere.

This is so excessive that Rachel bought me a Listography book for my birthday, to list everything that ever existed in my brain.

Today on my blog I am listing my progress at the gym. For many of you, weight loss is the goal. For me, health and fitness is the goal. My weight is difficult to change. It has stayed the same since high school, which I am grateful for. I'd rather not be a weight fluctuater. I am a firm believer that if someone takes care of him/herself, exercises, eats well and not in excess, they can be healthy and fit no matter how big or small or muscular or thin they are. That is true attractiveness.

So I go to the gym four or five days a week, doing either 30 minutes or 60 minutes of cardio per day. I've had to step this up recently, increasing my resistance. This lets me know I have progressed because my usual settings were too easy for me. I'd rather feel like I pushed myself.

Yesterday on the elliptical (it was a 60 min. day), I was burning about 15 calories per minute. I was able to burn 100 calories every seven minutes. Therefore, I burned 800 calories in 56 minutes. And I burned 900 by the time I was finished cooling down (about 64 minutes). I also "ellipted" 8.5 miles in that time.

I've been thinking about testing my running skills, since I think I've built up pretty good endurance on the elliptical. However, the treadmill scares me half to death, and going for a run is just not part of my routine. Still, maybe I'll brave it for a few minutes, or change up my routine.

Anyway, I'm excited that my body has progressed so much in so little time. Maybe I don't have washboard abs. And maybe I have more than 3% body fat, but you know what? I'm in shape. I don't care what the magazine models say.


carissa anne said...

in my experience, kicking butt in one form of cardio doesn't mean you can kick butt in all of them. meaning, i can be an elliptical master and then barely run a mile. so it's good to change it up sometimes so your muscles get used to different things. :]

April said...

Very good Janae! That's awesome to get into a good habit of working out! And you know what they say, 80% of losing and maintaining the weight is nutrition. If you're up to it, you should do the program that I'm on! It really is a lifestyle change, not just a 12 week program! It's done wonders for me! It is tough! But anyone can do it if they really want it! TRUST ME!!!