Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Some Submissions for Your Approval

1. Listen to the first song on my playlist. I heard it the other day at the bowling alley and somehow remembered that it was from the movie Once which I had not yet seen. I have since watched this movie and fallen in love with its music. This song is amazing, simply put. Listen, love, comment. Stat.

2. People at the airport baggage claim: Stand ten feet back. Yes, TEN FEET. You heard me right. This way, everyone can get a fair view of the conveyor belt, see their bag, and walk up to get it when it's their turn. When you are just dying to stand by the belt, expecting that your bag will come first, there's no doubt that someone who's waiting patiently behind you and the other 14 anxious people will have to shove his or her way through because their bag came out before yours. Imagine that. So back the freak off, and walk up to get your bag when you see it. Sensible? Not to the masses... Consider, agree, comment. Stat.

1 comment:

Tanner said...

I really wanna see Once, I've heard it's amazing. I love this song too...

Oh the life of a short person. ;)

But yeah, I get what you're saying about the Jelly, I mean, the baggage claim... ;)