Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Thanks, Little Ones

So as I said yesterday, I had overwhelming affirmation yesterday of my teaching abilities and of my decisions and policies.

I adjusted my policy to an even nicer form than it was before, and my students were so excited. They were kissing my butt.

In seventh period, which is pretty much my favorite, I said that I have lots to do, and that if anyone wanted to stay after school and help, I'd give them a candy.

I had two sweet boys stay after to help me. One stayed because he had a club meeting after, which ended up getting canceled. He takes the bus home, but he was going to finish what he started quickly and then try to make it to the bus. I insisted that he just stop what he was doing and go catch that bus. He finally stopped. I told him I owe him a candy tomorrow (as he was running out the door) and he told me that he'd pass on the candy.

I had another boy stay after and sort papers for me. This means he was bending over at an uncomfortable height to sort papers into students' files. His back started hurting. I told him to grab a chair and sit down so his back wouldn't hurt. He was doing a lot, and I told him he is not obligated to stay at all, that I'm just grateful for whatever help I can get. I said again that he didn't have to stay. He responded, "I know I don't have to, but I want to because I see how much you have to do, and I want to help." Then I offered him a candy, and he said he didn't want any.

What the heck?

Is this something I'm getting in return for making a really nice policy? I didn't do it for that. I even bribed them for help with candy. And neither one wanted the candy.

Thank you guys for your help and your example to me. So awesome.


Camille said...

yay :)

i'll take their candy...

April said...

That's so cool Janae! It's nice that kids can still be that way nowadays! I hope my kids are like that when they get older!

StacyB said...

Sweet boys treating a good teacher well. I like that. Where were the girls?