Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Hazards and Laws

First, one of the hazards of teaching...

Wet-erase pens dying and bleeding gorily all over your hands like so.

It even caused a blood clot on an overhead I was using. I couldn't even get it washed off completely. Maybe later.

In addition to this hazard, there's always the hazard of failure, paper cuts, dry erase marker residue, and too many papers.

Today I re-learned a great law of teaching. I should have remembered this from being a student. Since I was always the kid who got stuff done early--my thought process was like this, "The more I do today, the less I have to do tomorrow!"

After a horrible failure in period 1A with group reading, I thought I might not try it again. My other A class is a beast. But I thought I'd offer them a chance, with a different approach.

The Law of Motivation

Part 1: Offer a choice. This way they can't complain, because they have opted and voted for what it is they're doing. For example: You can read the chapters and do the outline alone, or you can do it in groups that I choose for you.

Part 2: Give a consequence of not using the time wisely. For example: What you don't finish in class is homework.

Naturally, these two parts worked together for an AMAZING period of group reading. My students turned their desks together, read the book together, and filled in the worksheet together. I had only a handful who did not finish, which is totally OK--some groups read more slowly. When time was up, they put their desks back in rows, turned in their papers, and were on their way.

I couldn't believe it. It was so great. I was a good teacher instead of a lazy one, and was constantly getting up and monitoring them, making sure they were on task, understanding, etc. If I had been lazy, it would have been fine, because these kids did NOT want homework! They were a-workin' hard.

In other news, I got my shower curtain today, and my bathroom is feeling a little more complete.

My apartment is pretty much clean today (my room could use a 5-minute cleaning), dishes are done, and the TV is on... broadcasting Remember the Titans. I really, really love this movie. Such a good message, in a true story! It makes me cry, basically every time.

Since I was gone all day on Monday at work and Brianne's, and then gone all day on Tuesday at work, class, and J-Dawg's with Curtis, I'm happy to be at home. Here I go to relax on my couch.


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