Sunday, September 11, 2011

From the Desks

And now, for an episode of "From the Desks: Messages that Students Write."

Message one, received on Facebook from one of my 9th graders last year:

"Dear Ms. Balibrea

This is your old 9th grade student Erika from last school year. I just wanted to say thanks for everything you taught us. It helped a BUNCH in High School. Today in Language Arts 10, I answered almost all of the questions my teacher asked. I felt pretty smart cause of all of the things you taught us last year.
I honestly miss being in your class, even though it was pretty boring at times. High school is allot different from Jefferson, But I'm started to get use to how it is.
Sincerly, Erika Lopez

(P.S. I hope that you think my writing has improved, I've been working on it)"

Message two, received in an after school visit from my most frequent 9th grade complainer last year:

Student: Hi! :)

Me: Hello! What's up?

Student: I just came to say thank you.

Me (confused): For what?

Student: Just everything. Everything that you did last year is the exact same as it is in high school.

Me: Wow! Well I'm glad. You're welcome.

Student: Like today, my teacher asked us if we know the difference between primary and secondary sources. I was like, "Psh, of course!" So I just wanted to come and tell you thank you, and keep doing what you're doing because it's working.

Message three, left in a note taped under one of my desks by one of my 9th graders from last year when he came to visit me a couple weeks ago:

"Dear Miss Balibrea’s Advisory class,Miss Balibrea is an awesome teacher, so respect her. She knows what she’s talking about. If you don’t listen and if you disrespect her we’ll have some problem. I’m already her favorite student so don’t even try. This message brought to you by her favoritest ever student (Ryan Gibson)! I love you miss Balibrea.Hello =) goodbye now sir/Raquel Eisenzimmer."

Sometimes I feel like I made the right career choice.

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Cara & Clarence Jessop said...

That's really awesome. Exactly what you need to keep going. yay!