Monday, September 19, 2011

Crazy Week

I was supposed to have plans tonight, but they sort of fell through. So I just did my own thing, including going to the gym, eating dinner, watching The Office, running to Costco (not because I needed a hand-dipped ice cream bar with roasted almonds), and writing an article for some extra dinero.

Tomorrow I have work, then I visit Brianne, then class from 4:30 to 7. I might go to my cousins' house after to watch Glee and/or The New Girl. So it will be a late night.

On Wednesday AND Thursday I have work, and then more work. You guessed it: parent-teacher conferences, till 7:30 both nights. I think if I'm going to get any exercise in, it will have to be before work. If you've ever done PT conferences, you know there is no mental (or physical) activity going on afterward.

At least we get Friday off as a comp day. I also have a date on Friday night, so that's something to look forward to after three nights of chaos.

I still have a lot of things to blog about, but I'm spending my meager free time in the next week writing articles so I can pay for the new modem I had to buy. I'm switching to Comcast.

I'm no mathematician, by the way, but here's some number sense. I currently pay $50 for 12 mbps with Qwest. Qwest's best offer when I called them was 12 mbps for $40 for 12 months (locked in) = $480. Comcast is giving me 15 mbps for $30 for 12 months = $360. Plus the modem was $74 which is $434, still cheaper than Qwest's offer. Plus, Comcast's offer will go up to $48/month after that 12 months... Still faster and cheaper than my original service.

Poor Qwest. Had they told me before I called Comcast that the cancellation people would have given me some unmatchable deals, I might have stayed with them. Duh, customer service reps. Duh.

I was thinking it might be fun to blog in detail about my workout routines. I don't really have a routine anymore, if I'm being honest. But I am totally beating myself up at the gym lately. It's awesome.

Also, just as a side note, I hate this idea that "We R Who We R" (thanks, Kesha), or that we can't help our faults because we were "Born this Way" (thanks, Gaga). What a pitiful message of apathy and mediocrity to be sending out. Yuck.


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