Tuesday, April 9, 2013

You Know You're Training If...

You know you're training for a half-marathon if...

your toes and toenails hurt.

you now follow several running folks on Instragram.

you Googled "running apps" to see which ones were the best for the iPhone.

you can watch a whole movie in the time you were on the treadmill.

you are sad that it is too cold or windy to run outside.

you stopped going to the gym.

you get pee-your-pants excited for cross-training days. ("YES! I get to Crossfit today!!!! :-D")

you have searched for the best warm-up and cool down routines for running.

you have searched for the best things to eat after a run.

you time your banana consumption according to when you will run.

you subtract your warm-up time and mileage from your total so your pace/average won't look so bad.

you have been told by 3-4 different people that they saw you running, all on different days.

you're excited to run 5 miles because "that's a short run!"

you get super stoked for running shoe sales online.

you hide water for yourself in advance along the route of a long run.

you have purchased several types of protein powder for quick post-workout consumption.

you have actually enjoyed said protein shakes.

you are seriously distracted at work by wanting to plan your route.

your Pandora station asks, "Are you still listening?"

you are reading a book about running so you can improve your form and avoid injuries.

your job(s) come(s) second to your runs (I requested time off my second job so I could still train but also study for a Praxis I have to do. Thus running > working.)

you check off your runs and log your miles "just because."

you daydream about being able to afford cool running gear (new shoes, wicking socks and shirts, etc.).

you got really stressed about your wireless headphones not working.

you get into your car right after your run because you have to pick someone up from the airport.

you've had to run off the sidewalk to avoid cars, slow walkers, or otherwise mentally compromised individuals.

you plan how much sleep you need by the length of your run the next day.

you hate interval and fartlek training because it slows your time.

you wonder what kind of food they'll have at the finish line.

you know which mile is your "miracle mile" where it stops hurting and starts feeling amazing.

you want people there at the end to greet you and congratulate you.

you wonder where the nearest running store is.

you wonder how long it would take you to run to certain destinations instead of drive.

you have stopped your running app at a really long stoplight.

you have been ogled by dudes while waiting at stoplights.

you've heard from countless people, "Ugh, I'm not a runner," or "I could never run that far."

you always want to tell them that you weren't a runner either, and you couldn't before either. But now you are. And now you can.

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Cara Jessop said...

This is really awesome Janae. I'd love it if you put up your training schedule and more details on how you're doing it. I want to train for a half marathon too! That video is awesome too, really amazing!