Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Workout Wednesday: The Breakup

My friend Danica did a few Workout Wednesday blog entries a while back. I love this idea and have a few topics rolling around in my head for some future entries. I don't know how consistent I can be, but I'm going to give it a go. And now for my first Workout Wednesday entry: The Breakup.


Everybody… we broke up.

My best friend… The one that knows all of my secrets… The one that’s been with me on days when I’ve been lazy, days when I’ve gotten serious work done… Stayed up with me through sleepless nights… The one that knows how much I sweat and how far I run…

That’s right. I have taken off my BodyMedia armband. My 13-month free subscription has ended, and so has my activity monitoring.

It probably sounds silly to say that my arm feels naked without it on. But think about it… Wearing something nearly 24 hours a day for over a year, and removing it for something besides a shower or swimming or tanning?

Now, don’t be offended when I submit that this could be akin to a returned missionary removing his name tag. Or maybe I can take it a step further and say it would be like removing your wedding ring. While these might bear a lot more symbolic weight than my silly activity tracker, I have grown a serious attachment to this thing. The skin is white where my band usually is. This was a real commitment.

As I try to move on and wean myself off of constantly having my activity tracked, I am searching to fill the void. I’ve looked into new companions like the Jawbone and the FitBit. I am excited at the prospects of a newer, cuter tracker. I’m seeing light at the end of the tunnel--opportunities to try new products.

While my BodyBugg may not be entirely replaceable, I know that other companions have a lot to offer. For example, a smaller, sleeker appearance as the band is worn on the wrist and could pass as a watch. I always got a lot of stares with my armband, and many people asked what it was for. I sheepishly explained its functions like my friends were asking, “Why are you with him?” Nobody will ask about a newer, more discreet band.

With a new tracker, I can set vibrating alarms to wake me up when I am in a light sleep phase so that I don’t wake up exhausted.

A new band would mean that I wouldn’t have to pay a monthly fee. I would just see the data as part of the entire package. Forever. This sounds like it could be a really healthy long-term relationship, guys.

My BodyBugg sure gave me some accurate readings. It collected a lot more data than these new ones ever will be able to. But every relationship has some give and take, right? I can let go of my accurate data for the added sleep/wake functionality, the free access to my data, and the cuter appearance. Plus, my white arm skin will even out. And I can sleep without a bump on my tricep.

It’s been hard being without my armband today. I feel vulnerable and unaccountable. But time heals all wounds. And with the hope of a great sale in the future and some Christmas money in my pocket, I’ll have a new tracker in no time. It will come into my life and fill the void left by my beloved armband.

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Danica Holdaway said...

Hahaha love this! I need to do a workout Wednesday again because the holidays were not kind to my waistline. Thanks for the inspiration! :)