Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Cracking, Crooked Bones

I've seen a chiropractor three times in the past three weeks. I had x-rays done on Thursday. He asked me to come back today (Tuesday) to talk about them and the direction we are going to go.

Don't worry though, guys, it's good news! /sarcasm

I only have an excessive lower spinal curve, causing my neck to lose its own curve.

Here's how a neck should look...

But mine looks more like the middle one here...

And the loss of the curve in my neck is causing tendons in my neck to calcify. (This is why my neck always hurts.)

And the straightness in my neck means it's not moving optimally, causing the beginning signs of arthritis in several of my vertebrae.

And my neck's tendency to go straight could cause me to have a hunch neck if I don't address it.

My pelvic bone is also crooked (both front to back and up and down), which has caused my spine to go crooked to make the rest of my body feel straight.

And my crooked spine has caused the tendons in my back to stiffen up almost constantly to try to straighten out my spine. (This is why my mid-back always hurts).

All of this stuff I never knew! No big deal, right? *sigh*

Thanks to modern medicine, there are some things that can hep.

I have to do this....

And I have to bring one knee toward the opposite shoulder while lying down. These two things I should do for several minutes, twice daily if possible.

I have to strengthen my back muscles by outstretching my arms and pulling my shoulder blades back. I must do 3 rounds of 10 reps.

I also have to be careful of how I'm sitting, making sure to keep my shoulders back and belly forward with my feet flat on the ground. Ergonomics for the win!

Plus, I get to roll up a towel under my neck, making it high enough that my neck is curved back, but the back of my head still touches the ground. I get to stay in this awesome position for 15 minutes daily.

I also need to get regular adjustments, obviously.

The doc also wants me to foam roll because I have some major issues in my rear end and IT band. *cry*

So there's that. I guess it's good that I went in to begin with. For the record, since going, my pain level and pain consistency have decreased considerably, in several areas of my body. I will vouch for chiropractic care.

And by golly, I'll stretch all freaking day if it'll keep me from looking like a hunchback.

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