Tuesday, May 26, 2009

It Was Awesome, No Doubt About It!

I'm starting this blog without pictures, so hopefully I'll have time to get this posted tonight. And I guess if you're reading it, I did!

Brianne and I departed around 3:45 to have dinner before our show. We ate at Pei Wei. I am its new biggest fan. Brianne wasn't joking when she said it was just like PF Chang's. I guess it's run by the same people, so the menu is very similar, much cheaper, and the same quality of food. I had lemon pepper shrimp with noodles. It was excellent.

We got to the stadium around 5:15, and parking was only $10, fortunately. We ran to the bathroom at Costa Vida since there was no way to get in to the stadium to pee. Thanks, guys.

Here we are waiting:

Interchangeably excited.

I was amazed at the diversity of people in line for the show. It was so cool because it showed how very universal No Doubt is. There were goth kids, punk kids, Gwen imitators, normal kids, middle-aged folks, lesbians, and more. Pure awesomeness. That's what it was. Especially the one wearing this shirt:

and this tattoo:

The doors opened at 6:30, though I think they were late opening them. Brianne and I got right to the front, but we realized we had to pee again, so we ran up and did our business and came back down.

Dis how close we were!

More waiting for the show:

My wristband and handstamp. I tell ya, if I were a drinker, that handstamp would have prevented ME from driving drunk. I can read it so well...

Brianne being cute.

Me... being cute?

Look how far up we were:

Oh wait, you can't. Tally Tallerson is blocking it.

The show started at 7:30 with The Sounds.

They were so much fun. We had their biggest high school fans right next to us who happened to be a little more than obnoxious. Nevertheless, I really dug their music. It had some fun 80s electronic sounds, slightly reminiscent of Shiny Toy Guns. I seem to be falling more and more deeply in love with this sound, because I finally obtained a full length Shinys album, recently purchased an MGMT album, and loved The Sounds. The one gross thing was that the singer kept hocking loogies into the crowd. Umm, yes, because even your fans want your saliva on them? Ew.

There were lots of parts during every show that I was behind people who were significantly taller than I. Fortunately I have patience and the knowledge that the crowd moves, so it was OK. I got to see through little windows occasionally. And I got some sweet pictures.

Paramore was flippin' awesome. I love their music, and I know their music, but I'm not a die hard who knows all the words. A show is always more fun when you can sing along. I was most impressed by tiny red-headed Hayley whose voice overpowers her small body. If I remember correctly, they started the show off with "Pressure," which was great. It got everyone pumped. They played a couple of new songs, "Ignorance," and another one I can't remember the name of. It was good though.

Photo skills by Brianne.

Brianne took a break at the end of Paramore to rest her feet. She spent the whole weekend in Washington, DC for her sister's graduation and got bad swollen feet/ankles. She made her way back up, though, somehow!

At one point a guy with a curly fro and glasses decided that he wanted to shove his way up to the front. I'm a regular concert goer. I know how this works. I get there two hours early so I can be up front, not so some a--holes can be rude and think that we all owe them something. So he started shoving, and um, well, I wasn't letting him through. I might be five feet tall, but I'm a stubborn little poop when I want to be. And I wasn't about to let him through. He was pushing so hard, that I ended up in front of the people I was behind, somehow. They were impressed. One girl noted, "She's not letting him through!" astounded by my determination. So he got stuck in an uncomfortable position due to my unyielding elbows, and he said, "Hey, way to hold your spot there!" I said, "Yeah, thanks. I can't see as it is." He was like, "Yeah that's why we're moving, we couldn't see where we were." Sure, sure it is... That's why you have to shove your way to the front instead of maybe moving sideways? Anyways, I didn't move because he was pissing me off. Then he said, "Don't worry I won't get in front of you. I'll go around another way." I nodded and made a "yes, you certainly will" face at him, lips pursed 'n all. He did end up in front of me, to the right. So I wasn't too upset.

What can I possibly say about No Doubt that you wouldn't already know? Guys, I'm straight as they come, but Gwen Stefani is freaking HOT.

She was amazing live! She sang quite well, and I love how she rocks out. She's "just a girl" from Anaheim who had a band and liked to rock out on stage. It makes it so much cooler. She had three outfit changes.

At some point Brianne had to go sit down again, so we just met at the car. It's cool, I was OK rockin' out alone. Just before that second break though, she had another tiff with this enormous, boring girl who wouldn't scoot up. The first time Brianne told her to fill the space, she said, "No, I'm not moving, so..." all bratty and sassy-like. The second time, she turned around and got in Brianne's face, saying that she'd move when and where she wanted to. It was annoying because Mrs. Whale refused to move forward, which is just concert etiquette, and kept letting shovers get in front of her. SO obnoxious. Not only was she unmoving when spaces came up, she was unmoving during the concert. She was so bloody boring; it was annoying me how uninvolved she was. WHY do you need to be up here if you don't even CARE about this show, Mrs. Whale? That's what I wanted to ask. But don't worry, I didn't. I saw some of you looking a little concerned, but I didn't.

Anyways, No Doubt played a lot of songs from the Tragic Kingdom album, which made my soul jump happily in my body. They opened with Spiderwebs. Perfect opening song! They played Excuse Me Mr., Different People, Just a Girl, Don't Speak (my favorite! I got the whole thing on video), and Sunday Morning (SO awesome). They may have played You Can Do It, but my mind may be making things up. They played Rock Steady last. Simple Kind of Life was good! Ex-Girlfriend, New, Hella Good, and Hey Baby were all played and sung and danced to and enjoyed by ME!

Oh, Tony...

Simple Kind of Life was awesome because the lyrics say, "I always thought I'd be a mom." And the crowd started cheering like crazy because the amazing diva in front of us had become a mom since writing that song. And she was still rockin'. Yeah! It was cool.

Just a Girl was SO great because she had the dudes sing it out, "I'm just a girl!" It was so great. 'Course, she wanted us girls to out-do them, and we did.

She brought out her son Kingston at the end of the show so we could sing happy birthday to him for his third birthday! It wasn't midnight yet, but we did it anyway. He waved, and it was so darling. He's too old for a pacifier if you ask me, but still so cute! I was happy that she brought him out.

The band also played their new one, Stand and Deliver. That was great.

Gwen pointed out a girl with a big pink wig, who claimed she and the man she was with were getting married that night. Not sure about the validity of that statement. Gwen also brought up a cute little imitator, hugged her and stuff, and told her how cute she was. It was so cool. Hope that girl remembers that forever! :)

I was able to sneak closer and closer to the stage throughout the show. For probably the last six or seven songs I could see reasonably well, about ten feet or less from the stage. Gwen coming into the crowd and everyone rushing sideways made it easy for me to steal a spot that was closer.

I loved the energy and got a total high from all of it. Especially when she told us to jump. Yeah. Jumping's great for energy. I didn't end up with too many battle wounds. I was wickedly sore last night in my back and neck from straining to see everything. Man, I should wear platforms next time. And today my right ankle is hurting a lot when I walk, so I'm not sure what exactly I did to it. But all is well, because it was worth it! The show was so freaking awesome and full of girl-power singers. Yay!

Many thanks to Brianne for accompanying me, for driving, and paying for parking.

I had a most excellent time.

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Brett said...

1. Yes, you are being cute in that picture.
2. I saw No Doubt at Arco Arena back in the day... Cake opened for them!