Monday, May 25, 2009

VHS Tapes

Dear Future Generations,

I'd like to tell you about a primitive and yet incredibly reliable device called the VHS tape.

Video cameras used to be huge enough to house this baby. It measures approximately 1" x 7.5" x 4". It records picture and sound on the tape which is enclosed within.

While antiquated, these VHS tapes are the foundation of my television-related existence. Since I do not have TiVo and am rather old fashioned, I take advantage of the reliability of this lovely antique. I stick it in my antiquated TV/VHS combo to record my favorite shows when I find it impossible to be present for their live TV broadcast.

Such shows that I have missed and been able to watch after its original broadcast include American Idol and So You Think You Can Dance. It works swimmingly when I need to attend events such as bridal showers, institute, or work.

In short, I am expressing a most grateful testament to the power and greatness of VHS tapes which no longer receive sufficient credit. For those of us poor, TiVo-less peons, VHS tapes are the lifeline to missed television. It should go down in history with proper respect, and you should be among the first to attest to this.

With Gratitude,

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