Friday, May 22, 2009

Movie Summer

My favorite thing about this summer has been all of the movies I've been able to watch. One of my blogs talked about that one week where I used all five of my Blockbuster employee rentals and watched every one of them. It's been great! I love movies. They distract me from loneliness.

I've been trying to keep track of movies as I watch them by rating them on my Flixter application on Facebook. It's too bad I don't like to take the time to write movie reviews. I don't like to think too hard about my critiques and compliments unless I'm verbally discussing a movie. Plus, I'll admit my familiarity with the genre of movie reviews is pretty limited. So this blog is all just "like and don't like" style.

Yesterday I went to a matinee of Star Trek with Rachel! She came down to see me. I was so happy! The movie was AMAZING. So entertaining on so many levels. Chris Pine is even more so my boyfriend than before. He's only 28. That's not too old! Mm... Yep. We're getting married this weekend.

The other night I went to the midnight showing of Terminator. I paid for it with my sleepiness. It was really entertaining also, though I liked Star Trek better. I thought it was funny that I was at a theater twice in a 16 hour time period. Just goes to show how much I love movies I guess.

I saw Knowing at the dollar theater with Brianne on Monday, if I remember correctly. It was thoroughly entertaining with some incredibly ridiculous parts. The last half hour or so I couldn't help from laughing hysterically. I'd for sure watch it again though. It really was fun.

I watched Taken sometime last week. Haven't had a movie get my heart going like that in a really long time. Liam Neeson was a BAMF and this movie was way entertaining.

I also watched Sweeney Todd with Brianne sometime last week. Maybe I mentioned this? It was really dark, of course, and super gory. But so well done. Johnny Depp is my hero. Not sure I'd ever watch it again. It really was pretty gross.

I also watched Seven Pounds. It felt like a cheap shot to me. Like it set out to make you cry and that was about it. Because of that, I was not affected. I thought some aspects were silly and over the top. I did not grow attached to Will Smith's character because of his prolonged secrecy. It wasn't poorly done and I didn't hate it, but I didn't get much out of it at all.

I saw Valkyrie on Sunday night I think. No, I watched it after watching Knowing. I don't know. I watched it. It was well done and cool, just for the sake of telling a true story of noble men with a noble cause. I appreciated the reminder that some people were fighting for right in WWII Germany. Didn't LOVE the movie, wasn't particularly moved by anything, but it was definitely good.

The other night I watched Yes Man. It was extremely funny. I loved the principles of it. Knowing when to say yes and when to say no, and not letting inhibitions and fears get in the way of experiencing life. Zooey Deschanel was a particularly appealing character, both in appearance and substance. I enjoyed this movie a lot.

I saw Coraline at the dollar theater early last week or the week before. It was so creative. I love that Dakota Fanning was Coraline's voice. She did a great job. I loved the message of this movie--being happy with what you have and those you love, not chasing after what appears to be better but is actually a counterfeit. It kind of haunted me for a bit. The animation is creepy (of course), and there were lots of kids in the theater. I'd have had nightmares after it if I had seen it when I was younger.

I watched Last Chance Harvey with Brianne a couple of weeks ago too. Didn't love this. Not sure what else to say. It was pretty mediocre for me, not due to performance, but story and pace.

Did I mention that Brianne took me to see 17 Again a few weeks ago? It was so hilarious. I LOVED this movie.

Basically I haven't had anything truly WOW me yet this summer, but Harry Potter is yet to come... And I really did enjoy Star Trek, even more so than Terminator. So I'm keeping on with the movies. It's just what I do, ya know ya know. I'll watch Wolverine soon. I'm thinking a matinee tomorrow maybe. I want to see Monsters vs. Aliens as well as Up. G-Force actually looks pretty funny to me. And for September, I am excited for 9. Oh Tim Burton, you are the light of my movie-obsessed life. I'll see Angels and Demons once it gets to the dollar theater. Fast and Furious just hit the dollar theater so I'll probably see that next week sometime. I need to see He's Just Not That Into You, Confessions of a Shopaholic, and Ghosts of Girlfriends Past, either for free when we get them, or at the dollar theater--just because they look sufficiently entertaining.

In other news, I bowled a 139 yesterday which was pretty cool. I wish I were more consistent. I learned a haka in dance class, which is AMAZING and intense. I'm keeping up at the gym and my legs are sore as all get out. I'm contemplating what I want to bake next... And am excited for a couple of things next weekend. ;)



April said...

Girl, I think you've seen about every movie out there! Thanks for the reviews! I don't think I've even seen half of those! (That's what happens when you have kids...I usually have to wait til it comes out on DVD!) Also, good job on bowling! I hardly ever break 100 btw!

Brianne said...

I will most definitely watch He's Just Not That Into You sometime this week after Wednesday. Just let me know when and we will do it. :) Love ya and miss ya.