Thursday, August 6, 2009

My Classroom

The famous rainbow wall. Brianne says each of the 6 Traits of Writing should go on these. 6 Traits for the win.

Awkward little wall with bulletin board. Suggestions for content?

Rear white board with bulletin boards. Brianne says use this as the rear wall (which is how it's set up anyway), and use the white board to list "what's coming up." Good idea. Any other suggestions?

Cupboard space, anyone?

Front of the room, complete with tardy policy poster.

I got my keys, and the code to disarm the security system. WHOA! I'm reaching my official teacher status now.


Cody said...

thats a very cool classroom. i have an idea for the awkward wall. it might be strange, i dunno. hear me out. I think it needs to be the Ballibrea wall. You should use the bulletin board to put pics of you with family and doing things you like, hobbies etc. on the walls you should hang posters of your favorite movies, bands, favorite writers, locations or whatever. I think that awkward wall could be a great way to humanize Ms. Ballibrea. The kids could see you're hip and cool and not an old boring person like the rest of their teachers.

StacyB said...

I love your classroom...make it yours and then theirs. I think Cody has some great ideas. You will be fabulous without a doubt. I love you.

Jannifer said...

How exiciting to have your own classroom! You are going to do great!

Jewely Fay :) said...

That is sooo cool!!! I really like Cody's idea for your wall. You could also make it a mix of "Janae's life" and "Janae's life with her students." Putting pictures of you and your class, your favorite essays that they've written, gifts they've given you, etc. so that they can see how much they mean to you, and how much you want to get to know THEM too. Just a thought :) And you can TOTALLY expand it to the whole wall, making the dinky board the center of it.