Wednesday, August 5, 2009

A Quick Trip Home

I was able to go home for a few days, and then a couple extra days more because I didn't want to come home.

This was one of my favorite trips home. I went because I needed to spend some time with people who love me, and who I love. I needed to do nothing in order to motivate myself to do something. I needed to relax. And I needed to regain my composure and focus.

All in all? A success.

Here are some pictures. I really didn't do much, so here they are.

On the way to the beach. :)

A quick photo shoot with Jake, in Jason's room, if you couldn't tell.

I went to a koi place with my dad and captured some good shots of wildlife. I'm a photographer now. ;)

Find the butterfly.

A brief story...

My folks have a Maltipoo dog. He is cute and snuggly and playful. But he is not all that bright. Case in point, when you knock on a door, inside the house, right in front of his face, he barks in offense. He is ready to attack at the sound of a knock.

He also likes to be covered under sheets and blankets. It's his favorite. So I covered him one night, then I told my mom to knock on the door. She did, and he proceeded to bark and run toward the knocking. He fell off the bed and dangled as he was caught in the sheets. It was freaking hilarious.

I didn't catch this moment on video, but I got some other ones!

I also got this one which is funny because of his tail, really.

Poor thing. I abuse him.

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