Thursday, October 8, 2009

A Falling Story

I went to a sleepover on Saturday night for General Conference. Consequently and ironically, I didn't get much sleep.

After morning session on Sunday, I drove to my grandma's house to shower. I laid down for a nap and conked out quickly on the bed upstairs.

When I finally woke up, I realized that half of the afternoon session of Conference was already over.

I hurriedly threw the blanket off of my body and turned my legs off the bed. My head intended that my body would stand up and race toward the TV.

Instead, I hurriedly threw the blanket off of my body, turned my legs off the bed, stood up to walk toward the door, and fell down where I stood.


I guess my left leg fell asleep in whatever position I was sleeping in. So when I stood up, it didn't work. My leg just folded under me.

I skinned my left knee on the carpet.

Then grandma brought a Bandaid and some Neosporin over for my knee.

The end.


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I love grandmas.

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