Saturday, October 3, 2009

Weak Writing

I have so many stories that happen in a school day that bring me joy or make me laugh. I'm realizing what a weak writer I am to be able to convey the humor in these things. I'll give a couple more stories a shot, but I know I won't be able to make you laugh the way we all laughed in class.

Story #1

Another mishap occurred through misreading what was on the page in our novel, Walk Two Moons. I had chosen students to read character parts again. This time I chose *Parker to read for Mr. Birkway's part. The text reads as follows:

Mr. Birkway coughed. "I want to explain something," he said. "Mrs. Cadaver is my sister."

"Your sister?" Phoebe said.

"And her husband is dead."

"I thought so," Phoebe said.

"But she didn't murder him," Mr. Birkway said. "Her husband died when a drunk driver rammed into his car..."

With me reading the narrated parts and Parker reading Mr. Birkway's part, this is how the text went in my class:

Mr. Birkway coughed. "I want to explain something," he said. "Mrs. Cadaver is my sister."

"Your sister?" Phoebe said.

"And her husband is dead."

"I thought so," Phoebe said.

"But she didn't murder him," Mr. Birkway said. "Her husband died when he was drunk driving..."

As Parker stumbled over these words, the class started cracking up about this blunder. I admit, it was pretty humorous, especially as it completely altered the sad mood that should be in this passage.

Story #2

One day in one of my classes, I answered the phone. After I hung up, I told my class that I had almost answered the phone as I would at my other job, "Blockbuster North Provo, this is Janae..." I told them this several weeks ago, and a couple of them laughed at my almost blunder.

But then the phone rang the other day. I answered it like I needed to, but after I hung up and stood back in front of the class, one of my students said, "Blockbuster, how may I help you?"

I thought that was a super cute and funny comment on my student's part, trying to tease me. I love it. I wish they'd do it more often.

Story #3

In this same class, I have a rather flamboyant student. We'll call this student Pat. This individual has a very high voice and an extremely boisterous character. Sometimes this person verges on the side of being obnoxious. But a lot of the time, this person causes lots of laughter and provides entertainment for the class. I chose this student to read the part of Gram in Walk Two Moons.

As Pat read the part of Gram in a high and over-the-top voice, as I had expected, the students were laughing after nearly every line Pat read. I kept reading, pleasantly straight-faced and trying to get through.

At one point, Pat said, "Oh, huzza, huzza," in a shrill, accented voice.

I had to stop and cover my face with the book as I started to crack. I started laughing really hard, bent over, and held the book in front of my face. My students, after 7 prior minutes of trying to contain themselves, broke down when I did. My laughter spread to all of them, and we were all laughing together at Pat's animated reading. It was such a great moment. I love when my students see me be me, see me laugh, or hear me make a joke. They're so fun and I love them.

I have more stuff to say, but they're not really stories.

I got a message on Facebook from one of my students a while back. I never messaged her back. I think for whatever reason, she looks up to me and likes me. She did call me "most awesomest teacher," in her message.

Yesterday was the fall party, and I was one of the teachers in charge of the "photo booth." This student had already been through and taken pictures with some friends. She came back through a second time, with more friends, and they asked me to be in the picture with them. What the? What kind of student wants a teacher in their picture? That's a good thing, right? haha. I guess it's kind of flattering.

I got my first phone call from a parent the other day. It was not fun at all. It could have been worse, but it certainly wasn't a very productive or fruitful conversation. Thank goodness for mentors and people who are willing to help.

Here's to several more years of laughter, picture taking, parent phone calls, and weak writing in an attempt to share these stories.



StacyB said...

Good stuff! I'm glad you're starting to relax and enjoy the kids. You teach, they learn, and it's always good to laugh :=)

amelia said...

What fun teaching adventures. A friend back in Glendora says the same thing about her class - she LOVES when they tease her or get playful. Makes class a lot more fun and relatable.