Sunday, July 4, 2010

A Few Things

1. The word "heir" as in, "I am an heir to the throne," or, "I inherited a valuable family heirloom," does not call for a vocal "h." Heir is pronounced like air, not hair! Are we clear on this? Come on, people...

2. I received many compliments on my hair accessory today (and a compliment on my shoes--thanks Alison!). I'm glad I invested! One girl even said, "You always have the cutest hair accessories!" How darling is that? What a cute girl. Then she reached over and touched it when I wasn't expecting it, and she gave me a start!

3. Bangs are so useful. Especially when they cover an emerging horn in the middle of your forehead. Right?

Thanks, bangs!

4. Today is an excellent day for watching Independence Day. I think I will, while my chicken marinates and my brown rice cooks.

5. I like numbered lists lately.

6. Shakespeare becomes more brilliant the older I get.

7. Stadium of Fire was so fun. Less focused on military men and family this time, and overall shorter and less emotional. But the fireworks were awesome, and Carrie Underwood is freaking BRILLIANT! I love that woman.

8. I tried Sweet Tooth Fairy with my friend the other day. It was delicious. Except their cupcakes are the same price as the Cocoa Bean, but they're not even huge like the Cocoa Bean cupcakes.  So maybe if they a) lower their prices or b) increase their cupcake size, I would go there instead. Because seriously, the cupcake was so dang good. Coconut. M-hm.

9. I'm ending on a random number.

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Sydnie said...

Janae, it really bothers me that you ended on 9. It's like I want there to be one more because it just isn't right. I hate this feeling.