Friday, November 19, 2010

Busy Bee

Monday: work, dinner (slow cooked), and a movie (Letters to God)

Tuesday: work till 3:15, class till 7:00, Glee till 8:30, not home till 9:20.

Wednesday: work, dinner and hang out with Brianne

Thursday: work, dinner with Rachel, Transsiberian Orchestra concert till 11 PM.

Friday: work.

I'm looking forward to doing NOTHING tomorrow night. Though, my apartment is a wreck so I should probably do something about that.

Saturday I am finally free from homework but REALLY need to grade those essays I've had for like three weeks, and I need to do some special lesson plans for my class project.

I love having friends and having plans. What really sucks is going a week or two doing absolutely nothing. Then having a week where I have been nonstop! haha. I'd like an even pace.

Bedtime (4 hours ago. heh).

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