Sunday, June 19, 2011

Mr. Shibbs is the Shiz

Anyone who's close to me knows how much I love my cat.

So for those of you who aren't close to me, congratulations. You just received your first bit of exclusive "close friends only" tidbit about Janae.

Our cat (aka Mr. Shibbs, Shibbs, Shibby, Shibbah, Shibbat-Shibbat, the cutest cat in the world) came to us ten years ago. His mother was a stray cat who had wandered through our house a couple of times, as if to assess the situation. A few nights after she had done so, we heard meowing on our front door step. And there was mother and baby. She looked at us and meowed as if to ask us to please watch over her baby. And so we adopted our favorite ball of fur.

Some of you may be judging me and my family, "Oh, they must be 'cat people.'" Actually, this far from the truth. Our family does not "do" cats. But his story is just so cute, who could resist taking care of him, right?

Some fun facts about my main man:

Shibbs begs like a dog, lifting up his front paws to signal to us that he is ready to eat.

He roams the neighborhood.

He has a posse of other cats. He's like their godfather.

He was declawed to be an in-house cat, so when he gets in cat fights now, he boxes it out. And wins.

He looks both ways before crossing the street.

He has an unusually long and puffy tail.

He's very, very tall.

He loves me.

Oh my lovey kitty. I've had him for ten years and am hoping he's maxes out his nine lives over another ten years.

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StacyB said...

Good blog and pics. You forgot to mention that he comes when called because he thinks he's a dog. Oh, and that he follows me to Louise' house and waits on the porch for me to come home :) Yep...he is the greatest, but he eats too much!!! Guess he needs his nourishment to lead the posse! ;)