Saturday, June 25, 2011

Summer Time

What does a teacher do in the summer, you ask?

She looks for other work, of course! Anything but teaching, obviously

Since I got back from California (which was a totally uneventful trip because I had no money), this is how my days have been:

Wake up
Go to the gym for an hour
Drink some sort of protein shake
Work for Zorkler for an hour
Shower/get ready
Run any necessary errands
(on Tuesday I had a lunch date at Cafe Rio)
(on Wednesday I got a free lunch and read my book at the park and had a Frogurt date)
(on Thursday I tanned by the pool)
Cook dinner (usually chicken/fish, pasta, and some sort of veggie)
Watch a movie or two on Netflix
Go to bed

I also sometimes try different things. Like last night I went to Taylorsville Dayzz to hear the symphony and check out the booths at which I had no money to spend.

Last night I also made sweet potato fries! They turned out pretty darn good. I think I'll try again with thinner cuts or longer cook times. And I made these:

I know, right? Sometimes I amaze me with how I can entertain myself so easily. I also watched the Adjustment Bureau with a male. It was pretty good. Not really a new or profound concept to me, but entertaining.

This week I went to the 24 S.E.T. class and Zumba class at 24 Hour Fitness. The S.E.T. class had me super sore, and Zumba was just so fun. Exercising five days in one week after spending all of Monday in car is not too shabby, right?

As for these jobs... The Zorkler one is just where I post deals, freebies, and sweepstakes on a blog. I sometimes try to make it clever but don't always succeed. I recently signed a contract with Orange Soda, which, as I understand it, basically publishes blogs/articles using several key words to get website hits for its clients. I'll be writing those. I don't know any more details than that right now. These two jobs are no big deal. I can do them from home, and it's not going to make me a ton of money. But anything helps, especially when I have to move in two months. Moving is so expensive.

They wanted to up my rent from $599 to $635. Uh? No thanks. I've already been pricing out some other places and have found things way cheaper and sometimes better than this place. So hopefully things will work out for me. I really despise moving, more than the average person does.

A brief recap on my California trip: I wasted time on my laptop. I sat around. I did my project for school (which I turned in on Tuesday). I went to breakfast and hung out with my amigo Justin. I talked to guys--lots of them. I went to the beach and got totally fried (we covered this, but I peeled really bad on pretty much my whole body!). I ate at Pinkberry twice. I hung out with my family. And that's about it.

And this day, since I already started it off right with Zumba and a blog, will continue in its glory. I am getting a massage today at 1 PM (by a male. Does this weird anyone else out?). Then I might meet a sort of blind date set up through the secretary at my school. Then I'm going to a Salt Lake Bees game! I love baseball, and I am so excited!

So I think that's about all the "action" in my life, with the exception of a few details that no one wants to know about. Don't let your imaginations run away with you. I don't have an STD or anything.

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StacyB said...

Sweet dishes and desserts! Sounds like you are having a fabulous day, and that makes your Ma happy :)You are quite the blogger ~ and I am not... so I will post this here on your comment to make you mad. I LOVE seeing dead possums in the road as their invading our yard and biting our sweet Lana killed her. Therefore, I love to see possums as road kill. I know this has nothing to do with anything you said, but I don't blog! Lol...have an incredible day and evening (too bad it's not the Angels game, right?)