Saturday, August 13, 2011

I Touched Conor

On Thursday, the free concert for the Twilight concert series in Salt Lake was Bright Eyes.

I love Bright Eyes. I really do. And I think Conor Oberst is so freaking darling. I can't even contain myself.

Usually if I am not a die-hard fan who knows all the lyrics and albums, I leave a show kind of sad that an artist didn't do the songs I DO know.

My favorite Bright Eyes album of the ones that I own is I'm Wide Awake, It's Morning. Naturally, I figured I might hear one or two songs I could name and sing to.

But they performed about half of the album! I was so excited.

Sydnie is so cute.

They opened up with Another Travelin' Song. They also played First Day of My Life, Land Locked Blues, and Road to Joy. They played Four Winds, which was really good. Road to Joy was probably my favorite performance of the night because it was one of the encore numbers and was rock-out status. So fun!

The best part of the night, though, came when Conor climbed down from the stage into the overflow area in the front. I was all the way to the left, see?

So he spent some time with the backstagers/VIPs, touching them and kissing the girl in the wheelchair and stuff. I was seriously envious. He stood up on the stools at the gate to let the crowd touch him--the stools that the security guys use to grab the crowd surfers. This happened front and center, like these folks weren't spoiled enough. But what's this? He starts walking in my direction!

Oh man. Oh man. OH MAN! I'm excited just thinking about it. There was a stool right in front of me, so basically his stomach was in my face. Since his hands were reaching far out into the crowd, I wasn't really sure where I should touch him. That sounds naughty, but I don't mean it to be. But how was I supposed to reach up and back for his hands? So I grabbed his right hip. Then I managed to hold his hand for a half a second. His hands are very soft by the way. I immensely enjoyed holding his hand. Really. I really did. He was like, standing over me! Oh, it was so great.

I recorded a couple of songs. You can hear me kind of cursing about the stoned girl who was singing obnoxiously (and lyrically incorrectly) to First Day of My Life. She sort of ruined that one for me.

Anyway, it was glorious. The crowd was huge...

And just look at his cute bum in those darling skinny jeans...

He was a really fun performer. Did mini-choreography to his own lines. For example, for the line, "back at the car," he pointed his thumb back over his shoulder. He was very energetic. And I thought he'd be cocky, but he wasn't. And he is just so darling. This show was SO fun.

And remember... If you love something, give it away...

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Rachel said...

"He stood up on the stools at the gate to let the crowd touch him."

Lol, k.

I'm glad you had fun, Janny!